Emily Ratajkowski says hating Taylor Swift made her a victim of conceit

It was during his ‘High Low’ podcast, in which Emily Ratajkowski revealed the reasons he hated Taylor Swift, And the moment he realized he was falling prey to Pretentious.

As her episode revealed, the actress went through a self-criticism exercise in which she revealed that she had previously refused to listen to Tyte’s music due to the stigma of thinking that everything associated with pop culture was of substandard quality. It was a tendency she must have picked up from one of her ex-boyfriends.

Emily Ratajkowski reveals why she ‘hated’ Taylor Swift

The 32-year-old model admitted that she had been pretentious for a long time, going so far as to disapprove of an artist if they were too successful.

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‘I think I got a little cocky around that time, especially with actors of my generation. I also wasn’t much of a pop music person. But in the end I learned that just because something is popular doesn’t mean it can’t be great. In fact, sometimes the things that are popular are incredibly good. Ratajkowski commented, ‘I thought about that idea several times and it completely changed my mindset.’

Furthermore, during this reflective exercise, Emily also described herself as a ‘misogynist’ for not supporting and valuing talent. Taylor SwiftLaunching a strong message against those who call themselves ‘Anti Swifties’.

Ratajkowski said of the radical change in her mindset, “Someone who doesn’t recognize that he is an incredible musician certainly has problems to solve,” continuing: “I was not a Swiftie and Now I say to myself: “Do you know what it means? That she was a misogynist. Because I went to one of his concerts and I said: ‘This guy is an incredible singer, an incredible artist. And whoever does not see it, may not have too refined taste. If you don’t like Taylor Swift, you don’t understand life,’ he said.

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Emily Ratajkowski reveals the reason she started hating Taylor Swift and how she realized her attitude was “conceited.”

what is it to be cocky

Happen The servant of the cobbler It refers to the tendency to imitate or associate with people of higher social status; In this sense, he is a person who appears to be what he is not and pretends to belong to a class of which he does not belong, however, he cannot hide his true ‘I’.

How do you know you are cocky?

  • You shop only because you want to impress others.
  • You wear designer clothes and flaunt it or show it off excessively.
  • You try to spend more time with the ‘elite’ people.
  • You go to strategic public places (high class areas).
  • You invent new words to sound ‘sophisticated’.
  • You have only one pair of pants or dress, but they are of the best brands, i.e. you prefer quality over quantity.
  • You don’t have friends, only contacts.
  • You are interested in knowing the surname of others to know if it is someone ‘significant’.

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