Emily Ratajkowski sweeps social networks with her new bangs

We have two kinds of celebrity, which continually change look and they surprise us with different hairstyles and cuts. Thus, as the opposite pole, those that are characterized by their natural hair and without daring. In this case, we will pay attention to the curtain bangs of the model and actress Emily Ratajkowski. The young woman has conquered her social networks by uploading a clip on TikTok, where she shows off her new look.

Ratajkowski’s curtain bangs highlight her feline gaze

The listed model is characterized by take risks with your hair, since she likes to make changes, frequently, and give her bangs different shapes, according to trends. In this case, it is the turn of the curtain fringe, which differs from the rest by being open, somewhat blunt and, above all, very easy to comb. The new cut by EmRata it is somewhat long and is separated with a part in the middle.

That fringe can be flattering on the face that allows it. Really, it is a great bet for manes with lots of hair to be able to take out the strands or fringes at the front. In Ratajkowski one appreciates the harmony in the factions and how her feline eyes stand out.

The model surprised with her new look on the Tory Burch catwalk. At the parade, many paid attention to the classic bangs made fashionable by some celebrities such as jane birkin either Brigitte Bardot. This inverted “V” shape begins to work below the eyes to blend into the rest of the hair at the ends.

Without a doubt, many of the followers of the celebrities they will want to imitate it and join this trend. What is clear to us is that Ratajkowski knows how to get the most out of his long hair. If he likes something, as he shows us, it is the contrast with short locks on top, slightly blunt, to further highlight the features of his handsome face.

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