Eminem: new records on YouTube

Mashall’s music transcends time…

Throughout an exceptional career, Marshall Matters broke (exploded would be a more appropriate term) number of records in the rap or in the music industry. The figures very quickly panicked and never went down again. The proof again in 2022, on YouTube this time. Eminem has just broken down one more barrier in front of number 5 in the ranking of artists with the most subscribers on the platform with 52 million. He has just overtaken Ed Sheeran, now 6th. Also note that he is the only rapper in the top 10 which is made up like this:

1. Blackpink – 74.1 million

2. Justin Bieber – 68.8 million

3. BTS – 66.2 million

4. Marshmallow – 55.2 million

5. Eminem – 52 million

6. Ed Sheeran – 51.8 million

7. Ariana Grande – 51.2 million

8. Taylor Swift – 46.3 million

9. Billie Eilish – 45.5 million

10. Katy Perry – 42.8 million

It must also be said that Slim Shady is one of the artists to have at least five clips that have exceeded one billion views! This is certainly why in April 2022, Eminem is the one who counted the most views on the platform with 317 million. For the record, among the clips of the Detroiter at more than a billion, we find, of course, “Lose Yourself” but also “Without Me”, “Not Afraid”, his feat with Rihanna, “Love The Way You Lie” (which is also the most watched) and also the very violent “Rap God” a way of recalling his position in the game…

Finally, last but not least, Eminem is the artist who has accumulated the most views on YouTube in 2021 with 4.4 billion, sorry. This proves both the power of his music and his timelessness…

Hats off to the artist!

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