Emma Stone receives bracelet at Taylor Swift concert; What does “swifty” bracelet mean?

There Are So Many Celebrities Who Have Shown Their “Fan Mode” Taylor Swift, The singer who is revolutionizing the music world with her debut Travel World.

The musician’s achievements continue to foam, as she was recently nominated in eight categories at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, where she competes with celebrities like Beyoncé, Doja, Karol G, Minaj and more. shakira,

Over the years, the “Cardigan” singer has managed to form close friendships with a slew of talented women. Emma Stone One of them.

The two met when they were between 17 and 18 years old, and have since supported each other in their projects.

Actress Emma Stone.  Photo: EFE

Actress Emma Stone. Photo: EFE

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Despite staying away from social networks, Stone was caught at a concert by the interpreter of “Karma”. angel, USA. As expected, his presence in the crowd of onlookers went unnoticed.

Besides enjoying the show, he kept up with “Swifties”, the singer-songwriter’s loyal followers.

The acclaimed star of “La La Land” was warmly received by Swift’s fans, even giving her a gift. bracelet Which has already become a tradition among the fans.

in a video clip posted on Twitter Stone is seen receiving the bracelet with a smile on her face, and it’s nothing more than her appreciation for Taylor and the way her fans have supported her.

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These are known as friendship bracelets or “”.friendship bracelets”, an admixture of “Swifties” that has become a tradition at each concert. The bracelets are made by fans with letter beads to add phrases alluding to Taylor herself.

The idea came from the song “You’re on Your Own, Kid”, in which one of its lines says, “Then make friendship bracelets, seize the moment and try it”.

Taylor swift friendship bracelet.  Photo: Instagram

Taylor swift friendship bracelet. Photo: Instagram

Original theme included in album Midnight Published in 2002. And the intention is simply to distribute them among followers so as not to forget that they are united through music Intense,

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