Emma Watson in 6 films

British actress Emma Watson has come a long way, since we discovered her in the role of a young Hermione entering the gates of Hogwarts for the first time. Today, she is an accomplished actress and activist committed to ecology and women’s rights. The opportunity to return to his best roles in the cinema.

The Harry Potter saga

We must of course start with the saga in eight episodes where the public discovered, and saw Emma Watson grow up. From the good and sassy pre-teen who arrives at Hogwarts in Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone, Hermione becomes a clever young witch who fights evil alongsideHarry and Ron, manipulates time, sends his opponents flying and always arrives at the right time to save his friends. His most iconic role.

The Harry Potter saga

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The perks of Being a Wallflower

Emma Watson share the poster with Ezra Miller and Logan Lermanin this dramatic comedy that tells the story of charlie, a young high school student who struggles to fit in until two senior students take him under their wing. A touching teenage story, where Emma Watson embodies a luminous young girl in full discovery of herself.

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