Emma Watson Makes Her Impressive Performance At The US Open Tennis

US Open Apart from tennis, they have also given us a parade of celebrities enjoying the matches. between them we can’t miss emma watsoNo, who, like everyone else in attendance, has managed to leave us speechless with her incredible ultra-toned arms in the purest style of Queen Letizia’s biceps. And the thing is that the black sleeveless shirt she chose to attend the event cannot suit her much. A organizations Among which it is worth noting the set of suit pants and jacket in white, betting on the two-tone trend but in classic tones. We love

Emma Watson’s biceps surprised people at the US Open

Great sports concentration Apart from being a great event for the world of sports, there is also a huge gathering of celebrities from actors, singers to members of the crown. Ever since Emma Watson appeared in US Open tennis photos, we haven’t been able to take our eyes off her strong and sturdy arms that are capable of hitting the racket with the style of any pro.

Celebrities attend Day 9 of 2023 US Open Tennis Championships

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The image of Emma Watson showing off her biceps has been etched in our minds from the moment we saw her, and now we can think of nothing else than to find her. right arm routine To get results at the level of the performer. That’s why we’ve handpicked a few upper body circuits of the month for our trainers, where we can give it our all and have the arms of a tennis player in no time.

Upper-body routine preview to get strong arms with Isabel Del Barrio

How do we know that the weight is always the same Sure In this type of training, we have thought yes or yes you have to have something for the days in which we choose to train weapons from home, adapting our routines to the daily needs of each one. A sports accessory that never hurts and is essential when doing upper body exercises.

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