Emma Watson: The 5 movies to celebrate her birthday

This Friday, April 15, the British actress Emma Watson turns 32 years old, and 21 years since his debut on the big screen with “Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” giving life to the magic student “Hermione Granger” and whose success launched her to film fame.

Despite the long career in the saga, Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson has achieved disengage of the student ofhogwarts” with other emblematic characters in the cinemaso it is a perfect day to resume some film projects and dedicate a marathon in his honor.

Emma Watson Movies

Here are some movies in which Emma Watson stands out:

1. “Beauty and the Beast”

Watson becomes “Bella”, one of the most outstanding princesses of Disney and who, along with Dan Stevens (“Beast”), revives the iconic tale of true love. The 2017 film was directed by Bill Condon.

2. “Cologne”

The 2015 Chilean-German film directed by Florian Gallenberger forced Watson to experience a new facet as an actress. It tells the story of a stewardess who tries to rescue his partner after being kidnapped as a prisoner during the 1973 coup in Chile.

3. “Snatchers of Fame”

In 2013, Emma Watson surprised her fans with “Nicki”, a character completely different from everything we knew of the actress. In the film directed by Sofía Coppola, she tells the story of a group of young people obsessed with fame and who take advantage of the Internet to spy on celebrities and steal objects from their homes.

4. “Little Women”

This is the most recent film in which the actress participates, giving life to “Meg March, from the literary work written by Louisa May Alcott with the same name. The film finds Watson with personalities who share the same values ​​as Saoirse Ronan, Greta Gerwig and Meryl Streep. little women” tells the story of four sisters who live love, friendship and the importance of family ties.

5. “The Advantages of Being Invisible”

Stephen Chbosky took his literary work to the big screen, and chose Emma Watson to interpret “Sam” which, together with “Patrick”, will teach “Charlie” the importance of friendship, music and love in the middle of a personal struggle from the past.



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