Emma Watson turned down a role that Emma Stone did. Emma Stone turned down a role that Emma Watson did. Only one took an Oscar – Movie news

The actresses have been replacing each other since 2017.

Hollywood is like that. There are actors who sign for a role in a movie but the project is delayed and schedules complicate things. Other times, the promotion of a film is what hinders the plans. When these occur, the only thing that can be done in most cases is to abandon the project. No matter how good it looks. And then another interpreter comes into play, who will be in charge of replacing the one who first said goodbye to the film. It is the law of life. What does not mean that curious cases like the one we are going to tell you about occur: Emma Stone and Emma Watson have been replacing each other in films since 2017.

it all started with La La Land. Damien Chazelle’s musical originally featured Watson and Miles Teller as protagonists. It took the director six years to develop the film and time did not favor the actress who gave life to Hermione Granger in the saga Harry Potter. Watson had signed on for the live action ‘remake’ of Beauty and the Beast and the preparation for the role of the Disney classic made him say goodbye to La La Land.

It’s one of those frustrating things where names get involved in projects very early on.as a way to build anticipation or excitement for something before the deal is set in stone,” Watson told the radio show town hall in 2017.

Beauty and the Beast It wasn’t a movie I could jump into. She knew she had horse training, she knew she had to dance, she knew she had three months of singing ahead of her, and she knew she had to be in London to do it. It wasn’t a movie I could parachute into. I knew that I had to work and that I had to be where I had to be. So, you know, due to scheduling, it didn’t work out.“, he added.

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Stone then replaced Watson. Ryan Gosling did the same with Miles Teller, whose case was not the same as that of what was to be his co-star. The interpreter of Top Gun: Maverick stated in esquire that his agent abruptly informed him that he was no longer considered “creatively suitable for the project” by Chazelle.

But back to the Emmas. While Beauty and the Beast It was a box office hit and grossed over a billion dollars worldwide. La La Land It grossed more than $471 million worldwide at the box office. Nevertheless, the film gave Stone the Oscar for Best Actress. The Disney film, for its part, only got two nominations for the Hollywood Film Academy Awards: Best Costume Design and Best Production Design. He didn’t take any. La La Land added 13 nominations and won six statuettes.


This is not the only case of an Emma replacing another Emma. A short time later something similar happened again. But then it was Watson who replaced Stone.

Greta Gerwig had recruited the main cast of little womenthe adaptation of the famous novel by Louisa May Alcottwith Stone in the role of Meg March. But when the shooting was going to start, the interpreter had other commitments: the promotion of The favourite, a film also starring Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz and directed by Yórgos Lánthimos. So the actress had to say goodbye to Gerwig and then Watson became the chosen one to give life to the older of the March sisters.

The favourite sumo nine 2019 Oscar nominations and Stone got one for Best Supporting Actress. She didn’t take it, but Colman did win the Best Actress statuette. It was the only Hollywood Film Academy Award the film won.

As to little womenthe film got, in 2020, six nominations and won a statuette. Although Saoirse Ronan was nominated for Best Actress and Florence Pugh for Best Supporting Actress, Watson was not nominated.

At present, Watson does not have any new projects as an actress in the works. However, she made her debut as director of the short film Prada Paradox made on the occasion of the launch of the latest perfume from the famous fashion house of which the actress is the image.

As for Stone, the interpreter returns to work with Lánthimos in the films poor things and and. Nothing is known about the latter, but the former is: it tells the story of bella baxter, a young woman who is brought back to life by an eccentric and brilliant scientist. We will also see Stone in the series soon The Curse.

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