Emma Watson ‘went complete’ for 1 audition: ‘I put on tons of bronzer and a fake tan’


Emma Watson has never been afraid to put a lot of time and effort into her auditions. At 9, she spent a full day practicing her lines for her Harry Potter hearing. Obviously, Watson’s tenacity paid off as she landed the coveted role of Hermione Granger. But even after Watson became a household name, she still approached her auditions with quite a bit of effort.

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Emma Watson was determined to work with director Sofia Coppola

At this stage of Watson’s career, he receives quite a few direct offers. This means that the Little woman alum is able to bypass the audition process entirely. However, from time to time, Watson has to audition for a role or even fight for a role that has sparked a lot of interest. One of those roles was the role of Nicki in the Sofia Coppola movie. the shining ring.

Watson was a Coppola fan long before she had the chance to work with her. After singing the director’s praises for her agent, the Brown University student finally got a chance to meet with Coppola. It was at this meeting that Watson learned that Coppola was working on a new film. According to an interview with Rookie Mag, Watson knew right away that she wanted a place in the shining ring to emit.

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“He told me that he was working on a project with young people. I read the script the shining ring and I just got obsessed,” Watson recalled of her initial meeting with Coppola. “For Sofia Coppola to be making a film that is a meditation on cinema and celebrity culture and what that means, how it impacts society and the psyche of young women in particular, I thought, ‘OK, I to have be in your movie. I really, really, really want to be in your movie.

‘Harry Potter’ alum recalls her audition for ‘The Bling Ring’

Of course, Watson was far from the only actor who felt he had to be in Coppola’s film. the Beauty and the Beast Star knew she had to find a way to stand out from the pack. Therefore, Watson went to great lengths in auditioning for her, even slightly altering her appearance in hopes of securing the role.

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“For my audition, I went out and bought hoop earrings and this crazy hat just like Alexis. [the person who Watson’s character, Nicki, is based on] she wears when she goes to see her lawyer, and I put on tons of bronzer and a fake tan; I went all out and had a lot of fun doing it,” Watson recalled. “Because it’s really the first time I’ve played someone who is a real character, someone so different from me.”

Watson’s friends were shocked by her audition tape.

Watson’s audition for Nicki was so far removed from who she was that she decided to share it with her friends. In an interview with GQ UK, she reflected further on her experience. “The fun thing for me was that I showed my audition tape to my friends. Half of them gawked, and the rest were just hysterical, laughing because it was so different,” Watson shared. “That’s very exciting to me, because it meant I was really acting.”

Clearly, the work Watson put into her audition paid off. She eventually landed the coveted role and had a lot of fun working with Coppola. We’re sure the activist’s millions of fans are eager to see which characters she’ll tackle next.

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