Emma Watson would agree to play Hermione again without JK Rowling

After the success of the eight films Harry Potterthe output of “Fantastic Beasts” and the special “Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts”, fans of the saga are wondering if a ninth installment will be released soon. Some even wanted the room “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” is adapted to Movie theater.

One thing that greatly excited the director of the first two parts of the saga, Chris Columbus. He said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that it would be a “cinematic bliss” to see the actors of the film, who are now adults, reprise their roles in “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”.

If Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter, admitted that he no longer wanted to play his role, Emma Watson, meanwhile, would be ready but she asked a condition.

Emma Watson wants JK Rowling out of the project

Emma Watson captured the hearts of many fans by portraying Hermione in the eight parts of the saga. She reportedly recently revealed that she would be willing to play her role again in a new Harry Potter movie if and only if JK Rowling would be dropped from the project. You may be wondering why the young woman does not want the author to participate in this new project.

In fact, a few years ago, JK

Rowling has drawn the wrath of Internet users, in particular the LGBTQIA+ community , due to a statement deemed inappropriate that she shared on social networks. She was called transphobic and received quite a few death threats.

“‘People who menstruate’. I’m sure we had a word for these people before.

Someone help me. Women? Do we? Fimmes?” was the novelist’s post on Twitter at the time.

Emma Watson would not have appreciated this event at all.

The latter is known to be an activist committed to the fight for the rights of women and people. LGBTQIA+. However, the attitude of the young British towards the novelist did not please fans of the Saga at all. Some of them accused her of “spitting” on the woman who made him famous.

Warner Bros. stands up for JK Rowling

It is clear that this controversy is not yet forgotten by some people. However, following a rumor mentioning that JK Rowling would no longer collaborate with the Warner production house, the latter recently made things clear. In a press release, the cinema giant defended the author, explaining that their collaboration is far from over.

“Warner Bros. has enjoyed a creative, productive and fulfilling partnership with JK Rowling (…) we are proud to be the studio that brings his visions, his stories to life now, and for decades to come”can we read in the press release.

An affirmation which also responds to the request of Emma Watson who, apparently, wants to dismiss the novelist from the project of the sequel to the Harry Potter Saga!


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