Emma Watson’s floating dress that caused great controversy on social networks: “Levita?”

She became known around the world by the age of 10 for her role as Hermione Ranger in the film saga inspired by the books. harry potter, Emma Watson – who celebrated her 33 years on April 15 – has been at the center of public debate hundreds of times, be it for her acting prowess, her activism in the fight for women’s or environmental rights or her work as a philanthropist for excellent works. In recent times, the actress is again on everyone’s lips, not because of any future work project or any public scandal, but because That particular outfit she wore in her most recent Instagram post.

After being one of the most recognized faces in the film industry for over two decades played a leading role in the transformation of little Women 2019, directed by Greta GerwigEmma Watson has saddened millions of her fans by announcing that she is stepping down from her acting career.

On that occasion, he admitted: “To be honest, I was not happy., I feel trapped. The hard part for me was that I had to go out and sell something that I didn’t have much control over. I felt responsible in a way that was very frustrating, because I didn’t have a voice.”,

Emma Watson’s photo with her brother Alex sparked heated debateInstagram @emmawatson

However, remains one of the most beloved celebrities in the entertainment world And this is evidenced in each and every publication she makes on her Instagram profile. He has around 72 million followers there and he gets thousands of likes and hundreds of comments on each of his posts.

It happened a few days ago, but it was not only because of the affection of the public, but also because of a special detail of the photo. in the same, Emma Watson poses for a photo with her brother Alex for the promotion Renais Gin, a brand created and developed as a family, There, while he wore a simple light blue shirt with straight dress pants in tan tones, he chose a short dress combined with the upper garment of his brother’s look.

Designer Jonathan Anderson is the brain behind Emma Watson’s dressInstagram @jonathan.anderson

But this was no ordinary dress, but apart from the flared and puffy skirt, it had a very special neckline: Instead of clinging to his body, the fabric moves away as if defying gravity and rises up Creating a stunning optical illusion.

This sparked a heated debate in the comments section Theories and jokes abound regarding its nature., Among them, there were those who joked that it was Hogwarts’ own creation in the context of the wizarding world. harry potter On which Watson worked for a decade—others claimed it was edited and there were those who believed the design worked the way it did because it hung by their ears.

Minnie Mouse-Style Shoes at Lowe’sLoewe

However, the explanation is much simpler and more direct. This dress is part of the spring/summer collection LoeweA Spanish design house that rubs shoulders with designers Jonathan Anderson, Over the years, he has given us much to discuss with his elaborate and playful creations. A line of “bubble” style shoes -which are compared to the clothes worn by the animated character Minnie Mouse – until Clothing made to look like it’s made of pixels, In the case of this particular case, It features a wire system at the bust and neckline which allows for a floating look.


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