Emma Watson’s infinite boots in her most explosive look

emma watson in black mini dress and striped infinity boots

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    Fighter, intelligent, sophisticated, natural and with a peculiar style, but inspiring. What more can you ask for Emma Watson? Possibly nothing. The actress who made the leap to the big screen through her renowned character of Hermione Granger in the iconic Harry Potter saga is, today, one of the most talented and admired women on our planet for many relevant reasons. weight, but In terms of fashion, it is not left behind at all. In fact, over the years, the celebrity He leaves us outfits that manage to surpass the previous ones without any kind of effort. You do not believe it? Her latest look is positioned at top number one.

    The actress captivated all the lucky ones who came to the pre-bafta party organized by Chanel and Charles Finch with one of their most explosive and sensual outfits to date. Which is not usual in Watson, who usually opts for more exuberant but discreet outfits at the same time. Although she waited for her it was worth it, because she has taken out the ace that she kept up her sleeve with a captivating night look full of openings and transparencies and infinite boots as undisputed protagonists of styling.

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    The most sensual look with transparencies of Emma Watson

    emma watson in black mini dress and striped infinity boots

    Neil Mockford / Ricky Vigil MGetty Images

    emma watson in black mini dress and striped infinity boots

    Neil Mockford / Ricky Vigil MGetty Images

    Emma Watson left us speechless with her latest styling proposal. The actress surprised with a ‘little black dress’ with a large opening in the central area and transparencies in the chest area. A most seductive garment that the celebrity knew how to defend in the most elegant way.

    To do this, he chose to cover himself from the cold with a classic black blazer with an ‘oversize’ design and a lapel collar. The piece that we imagined would be removed inside the place, but it does not end there. If there is something that managed to outshine the impressive dress (which is not exactly easy) that was the choice of footwear.

    The actress opted for the shoes that set the trend in the ‘street style’ of those who know the most about fashion and in the best night looks: infinite boots. These in particular stand out for their wide striped print in black and ‘nude’ color and their fine tip design to finish off the elegant and sophisticated style of the outfits. Isn’t it sensational?

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