Emmy Awards 2022: the most outstanding looks of the red carpet

This Monday, September 12, the 74th edition of the Emmy Awards took place from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Great figures of American television paraded through the red carpet, who displayed all their glam.

Here, the highlights:

2022 Emmys
Elle Fanning, Geena Davis and Andrew Garfield / Photos: AFP.

Elle Fanning She was one of the celebs who most dazzled the red carpet.

The actress wore a strapless black dress with a train of the same color. The top of her corset and the inside of her train were pink.

Geena Davis was one of the stars who chose yellow.

And Andrew Garfield stole sighs and whistles in his white suit.

2022 Emmys
Laura Linney, Christina Ricci and Sandra Oh / Photos: AFP.

laura linney He leaned towards black and white.

Christina Ricciwore a dress to the body with glitter that combined with her clutch.

Y sandra oh the monkey perked up.

Emmy Awards 2022
Reese Witherspoon, Zendaya and Amanda Seyfried / Photos: AFP.

Reese witherspoon dazzled with a strapless dress printed in the range of blue.

Zendaya also opted for a strapless dress with a full skirt and train.

amanda seyfried joined the neckline of the previous two, with a dress to the body and with glitter.

Emmy Awards 2022
Sarah Paulson, Kaley Cuoco and Melanie Lynskey / Photos: AFP.

Sarah Paulson she chose a top and a long skirt with a short false one on top. She tied a bow around her waist.

Kaley Cuoco joined the Barbie Core and wore a bubblegum pink dress with fuchsia flowers.

Melanie Lynskey He opted for the color green.

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