Emmy Awards: who will win and who should win


Succession, Dopesick, Ted Lasso, Hacks or Only murders in the building are the favorite series at the gala that takes place tonight

Frame from Succession, one of HBO's hits.
Frame from Succession, one of HBO’s hits.

Tonight the mom arrives in Bugatti, the glamor second class or what is the same: today the red carpet of the seventy-fourth edition of the Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. And don’t get confused lady’ Y Sir’ , this has not been any year but a season of television creation? interesting where companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars signing superstar producers. And a year that, perhaps, will not be repeated in terms of dropping the dough as if there were no inflation.

We have seen the example of this economic paradigm shift with the business crash of Netflix. Who has come to pay 30 million per episode of stranger thingswill now focus on finding discrete and relatively low-cost successes. Balance will be attempted on almost all platforms and with it, surely, we will lose the gazillion stratospheric series that we have enjoyed this season.

But let us leave theoretical sophistication. What have we come for? We are ready: here are the predictions about who is going to win and who should win the nominations for these Emmy Awards, whose main mistake has already been from the start not to have Will Smith Y Chris Rock to not present the gala. At least they would have put on a loud show.


The bookmakers have little doubt about who is going to prevail in the category of best dramatic series. Succession part as favourite. In fact, HBO’s smash hit is the one that has garnered the most nominations: 25 in total. And perhaps that is precisely a strong argument for the history of this family saga as rich as it is dysfunctional to win the prize. It will be a pleasant surprise if the statuette ended up in one of the rookie series: yellowjackets and its ladies of the flies, for example, have captivated. However, let’s be serious: some production this season has generated the impact of Squid Game, the squid game? It was a catch, and excuse the expression millennial. Children had to be watched at school because they tried to repeat the survival tests and in the newsroom there are journalists who still have nightmares about the South Korean fiction on Netflix, thinking about how they will explain to their partners that if they participated in the game. .. they will let them die.


Much hehe always with comedy but from here we once again show our utmost respect because a well-configured comedy can abuse the best of each genre and build the Sistine Chapel thanks to it. But less meaningless metaphors and to it: the pools lead them ted lasso (AppleTV+), Hacks (HBOMax) and Abbott Elementary (Disney+). This last one is the only series that is broadcast on free-to-air television -if memory serves us correctly-, which gives it a wow (wink, wink) to all the ruckus he’s made Abbott Elementary in a public school in Philadelphia, success, young people… It is said that if the Academy is right, if he feels the pulse of the sofa, he will choose it.

Ted Lasso.
Ted Lasso.

We don’t care because in our hearts there is only one winner: Only Murders in the Building (Disney+). Only murders in the building It’s a delicious comedy, as they say snobs, we will eat it over and over again until we suck our brains out. With cutlery, yes. The triumvirate of Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez mesh like angels and demons. What structure, what turns. Hardly anything random, a spun plot from the first to the last episode. With the typical exaggerations of comedy but what a good time we had. The pity is that a third season has already been announced: how the hell do they intend to surpass the first two?


Let’s start at the end. There are authoritative voices that see Inventing Anna Y Pam & Tommy as the wildcards to fill the list. They don’t look like it to us. It is true that his tone clashes quite a bit with the rest of the nominations, but the story of sex and rock of Disney + and the insolent, naive and sometimes incredible criticism of the capitalist system of Inventing Anna entertain. In fact, Julia Garner’s performance has been heavily criticized when her false candor and psychodramas favor the mambo. What else to ask of a miniseries? Given its short duration, maximum quality. Bets are debated betweenThe White Lotus(HBO Max) and dopesick (Disney+). Right now the first position is for the Hawaiian resort of The White Lotus so let’s trust dopesick. The performance of Michael Keaton and the plot of the miniseries itself – the crisis that broke out with the opioids sold by the pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma among Virginia miners – are two points in favor. In truth, any winner will be well deserved. Just one question: why is the controversy not nominated The Staircase (HBO Max)?

Main actors and actresses

And we are finishing that, although there are many candidates, there is hardly any space and it is getting dark. These are not going to be the Emmys of movie stars. Names like -hold on to whatever is next to you- Samuel L. Jackson, Julia Roberts, Sean Penn!, Jared Leto or Anne Hathaway have been left out. Does this mean that this complex of screwing the older brother is over? We will see. Very quickly, we finalize with the main actresses and actors:

In dramatic series, he walks very high Zendaya and his euphoria (HBO Max) but, hype besides, Melanie Lynskey He has given a very talented interpretation. Among men she has gained integers in recent days Lee Jung-jae and, we promise you that it is not laziness for not thinking of another name: hopefully it will win the Emmy, it has made the incredible the squid game be credible.

in comedy, Jean Smart can be crowned with an award that he already collected with the first season of Hacks. So that I don’t repeat myself, it would be good to see here Fifth Brunson: director, screenwriter and protagonist of Abbott Elementary. Little to add except that we are surprised by the absence of Selena Gomez among the nominees. It is curious that in this time of political correctness there are the candidacies of his companions, men! only murders, Steve Martin and Martin Short, but not her. It’s not about compliance, it’s about the fact that without Gomez nothing would work, it’s the pause between two bombs and comedy legends. It seems that among the actors to be bill hader (Barryon HBO Max) the one chosen by the Academy, but here we are in love with the madness of Martin Short.

Michael Keaton in Dopesick.
Michael Keaton in Dopesick.

And we close the beach bar, which we didn’t get to have dinner, with the miniseries. Michael Keaton We have already said that it is amazing, but we are risking the mortgage -which belongs to the bank- with Colin Firth and the ladder. Among them, it dazzles amanda seyfried and certainly his role is what most dazzles about The Dropout’ (Disney+) but… what if I won Lily James like Pam Anderson? She is second in the bets, she is not adventurous: a lot of professionalism to get an empathetic character. We like Tony Collette but she carries an important handicap: she spends almost the entire series dead.

Enjoy the gala!

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