Emmy Rossum will play Tom Holland’s mother in ‘The Crowded Room’ (although she is only 10 years older)

Parallel to the end of the promotion of Uncharted has transcended the intention of its protagonist, Tom Holland, to retire for a while from interpretive work. It is not strange since before Uncharted got caught up in a tour equally exhausting press release with Spider-Man: No Way Homeand Holland has stated that he will take a break as soon as he finishes his commitments with The Crowded Room. This is an upcoming Apple TV + series that will begin shooting this March in New York, and that in recent weeks has been finalizing its cast beyond Holland.

Tom Holland at the presentation of 'Uncharted' in Madrid

The Crowded Room is an anthology series that explores mental illness, and its first season adapts the novel The Minds of Billy Milligan of daniel keys, inspired by the first person acquitted of a crime for suffering from personality disorder. Holland plays, then, the protagonist of it, Danny Sullivan, while amanda seyfried embodies her psychologist, emma laird his high school sweetheart, and sasha lane Y Christopher Abbott some characters to be determined. Now, The Hollywood Reporter echoes a signing that has caused some turmoil in networks: Emmy Rossumwho would play Sullivan’s mother.

Why has the arrival of this actress from Shameless? Because of his age. Rossum is 35 years old compared to Holland’s 25: a minimal difference that has made social networks cry out against an alleged new discrimination of mature actresses. However, this controversy has begun to fade after a tweet from the screenwriter Carina Adly Mackenzie where he explained that Rossum would play Sullivan’s mother… during flashbacks dedicated to his childhood. “Emmy Rossum plays Tom Holland’s mother because the vast majority of her scenes are flashbacks to the character’s childhood. Dissociative identity disorder started before she was 5 years old.”

Everything has an explanation, therefore, and The Crowded Room has circumvented the controversy to only benefit from the luster of those involved. In addition to Holland also appearing as an executive producer (in his second collaboration with Apple after Cherry), the series is written by the screenwriter Akiva Goldsmann (An amazing mind) based slightly on his own experiences, and the ten episodes of the first season are directed by Kornel Mundruczo (fragments of a woman). Apple is not yet testing a release date, but the idea is that the series works well enough to continue generating seasons focused on new characters and pathologies.

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