emotion between family and friends

Family and friends say goodbye to the applicants who enter the classrooms.

The other side of the preparation of applicants for the tests of Specialized Health Training (FSE) are the family, couples and friends accompanying the opponents to the place of the exam and will wait for their departure at the doors of the classroom, the last service of an entire experience of several months. The guardians of the future MIR, EIR, PIR and FIR recount the preparation details and what it has been like to be by the side of his relatives while they devoted themselves body and soul to studying with him. sole objective of passing and getting a good grade.

Christina, medical student fourth grade and girlfriend of an opponent MIR, tells that he has lived this experience “like a training”. The student explains that her partner and her friends from the university have prepared for the tests “quite well.” In addition, thinking about the challenge that she herself will have to face in a few years, she describes these months of study as “fun but difficultnothing that we do not know about the MIR”.

At the gates of the Facultat d’Economia i Empresa of the University of Barcelona (UB) the applicants for the MIR crowd, accompanied until the last moment by their relatives, who even enter the building and wait with them until they are called to enter the classroom. Waiting while the exam lasts takes place in various places: in the hall benches those who take it the worst, at the gates of the center while spending time reading those who prefer to enjoy the sun and in the coffee shops near campus those who choose to eat something.

Are family members optimistic?

alfonsofather of Sarahcandidate for the EIR, assures that they plunged into this experience in February 2021, almost a year “supporting her in everything possible”. Sara stopped working for dedicated exclusively to test preparation of FSE, while their parents have shown Total disposition to help you in this task. “We have given her encouragement and strength so that she is not so nervous, try to calm her down and distract her. Until the last moment he has been studying, we trust her“, they add, to which Sara nods, nervous but eager to get started already the exam.

Eugeniamother of Mary, last all the details with her daughter a few minutes before entering the Faculty of Law of the UB, where the EIR, FIR and PIR tests are carried out. While María takes the opportunity to gain strength by eating some fruit, Eugenia describes her daughter as a “very hard-working personsurely like many of those here, who deserves to be in a good position.He has done a very good preparation at the same time that he had a jobsomething that is not easy to reconcile”.

For his part, Daisy flower Y Cristobalparents of Mariona, an opponent of the FIR, have seen in this experience how hard the preparation can be. “It has many manuals and little timebecause they finished university in June and it’s only been seven months”, she points out. He adds that practically the preparation has been a confinement, with only one week of vacation during this time. However, they trust Mariona a lot because she “has a good academic record, being the first of his promotion and with a Final Degree Project awarded by the university, and she is calm”, they both say, while they wait away from their daughter, who is reviewing which classroom she should go to.

By last, Andrewcouple of irinawhich is presented to the FIR, qualifies the experience of accompanying an applicant as “a challenge” because “the exam is very complicated and sometimes it’s hard to know how to support” the person. Over time “you understand what the student needs at all times and you adapt so that it goes as well as possible“he adds.

The information published in Redacción Médica contains affirmations, data and statements from official institutions and health professionals. However, if you have any questions related to your health, consult your corresponding health specialist.

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