Emotional well-being, a key aspect in fertility treatments

Science and holistic therapies have always been seen as two worlds apart. However, Dr. Sergio Rogel, from the IVF-Life Alicante fertility clinic, explains how these two disciplines are increasingly interconnected in his daily practice.

There is scientific evidence about the benefits, both physical and emotional, of holistic therapies in the world of patient care. In particular, there is a branch of medicine called psycho-neuro-endocrinology that studies this interrelationship.

The IVF-Life expert clarifies the term for us:

PSYCHO It refers to the conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, desires and will.

NEURO it is linked to the chemical processes that take place in our brain, activating feelings and emotions. We all know the great influence of serotonin and dopamine on our mood and development.

ENDOCRINOLOGY it is associated with “hormones” and their effects on the body.

Previously, we seemed to understand these three realities separately, but it turns out that science has discovered how these three dimensions complement each other and occur in a cyclical way. Our feelings are expressed in our body through neurotransmitters which, in turn, release hormones; Consequently, this influences us to feel a certain way, as a direct response.

It is demonstrated that the hormone supply and variations in our neurotransmitters can upset our physical and emotional balance, making us feel better. Therefore, the opposite should also be possible: if we manage to feel good through various actions and “holistic therapies” we can alter the chemistry of our body and achieve greater well-being.

Dr. Rogel comments that every time a patient comes to his office, the same protocol is always followed: options are investigated, alternatives are studied, they are never decided on, they are advised, based on their case, situation, and possibilities. In this way, patients are empowered with all the information that is offered to them, so that they are the ones who can assess, for themselves, the decision that best suits their will. IVF-Life experts always offer advice adapted to each patient so that they find the treatment that suits them.

Dr. Rogel highlights the case of several patients with nutritional disorders who have gone through his practice, where the complementary benefit of alternative therapies has been clearly observed. In most of these cases, a balance is reached through a combination of nutrition, counseling, self-awareness, and all of these therapies, where the eating disorder is ultimately relegated to the background, allowing them to achieve a state of well-being.

As a final thought, Dr. Rogel states: “It is a fact that emotional well-being influences fertility. It’s all a matter of self-knowledge and self-discovery: looking for what you think you lack, what nourishes you or what generates well-being. We are all different and we have our own path, the most important thing is that you delve into yourself, so that you can define your path and your needs”.


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