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We start a new year and on these dates we are assaulted by an inevitable reflectionthe balance of the past and the wishes for the near future. The science confirms that one of the emotions most beneficial to start a new stage is the gratitude.

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The gratitude It may be a quality of our personality, also a emotion momentary or a mood in a specific situation.

It consists of knowing (or learning) to appreciate different aspects of life and having the will to recognize that some people around us play a very important role in our own emotional well-being.

It’s a very powerful feeling Psychologically it brings us many benefits.

Studies show that gratitude can increase our own happiness by up to 25%

Grateful people also turned out more optimistic and hopeful about the future, they felt better and more satisfied with their lives, they showed higher self esteem.

In addition, the people who expressed their gratitude they slept betterand even made almost 1.5 hours more than exercise a week than the rest of the people in the experimental sample, this ability also strengthens our immune system and combats depressive symptoms. There is nothing…

Fast and easy. Start the year off right showing your appreciation by sending an email, whatsapp or letter to someone who has helped you in some way.

Say thanks for yourself and for others!

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