Employees of Apple stores in the US would have used Android devices to secretly unionize


21 Feb 2022 17:34 GMT

While the company’s profits have grown significantly in recent years, salaries have not increased to the same extent and have even decreased in real terms.

Employee groups at various Apple stores in the US are secretly promoting the creation of unions, The Washington Post reported with reference to anonymous sources.

According to the newspaper, the workers of at least two establishments, supported by large national unions, are already preparing the necessary documents to register their union with the US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). ), which will be completed in the near future. The unionization process is also moving forward for at least a half-dozen stores, although it is still in earlier stages.

To avoid detection by the company, the organizers secretly met using devices running Android, the main rival operating system to Apple’s iOS. Also, in at least one store, managers began trying to dissuade employees from the idea of ​​unionizing, warning them that doing so would lower wages and deprive them of benefits and opportunities.

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The cause of the discontent would be the lack of salary growth despite the strong increase in Apple’s income in recent years. While the company’s profits grew from $240 billion in 2017 to $378 billion in 2021, salaries have not increased to the same extent and have even been reduced in real terms due to high inflation. Currently, employees of the company’s stores in the North American country earn between 17 and more than 30 dollars per hour.

“I have a lot of co-workers and friends that I really love and they don’t make enough to live on. They are struggling and suffering, and we work for a company that has the resources to make sure they are taken care of,” one of the men told the newspaper. labor leaders on condition of anonymity.

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