End snoring with these Chinese medicine tricks

Another Wednesday at Estando Contigo we have had the visit of the doctor and acupuncturist Juan José Sánchez, who has taught us to stop snoring using chinese medicine.

The goal of Chinese medicine to stop snoring is send energy where they are produced, in the rhinopharynx. Snoring occurs when air does not flow freely through the mouth and nose and the walls of the throat vibrate causing the sound.

The first point to treat that the doctor shows us is above the wriston the inner side, and helps activate respiratory processes, nourishes the soft palate and pharynx.

Next, it shows us a point that is located between the eyebrows that will help us nourish the entire nasal sphere. Other points are found next to the nose, in the crease that joins the cheek, and in the lower part of the nose. inside of chinalmost touching the neck.

The last point that shows us we found it in the ankleand good blood circulation in the rhinopharynx area will also help us and will reduce snoring.

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