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Tom Cruise he can’t find the woman of his life. A curse like the one that hit your film? But let’s go in order. Just during the filming of the next installation of one of the most famous and long-lived franchises in cinema, Mission Impossible, which was delayed first due to accidents and then Covid, the actor and his girlfriend decided to end their relationship, which had already lasted for a year.

She is Hayley Atwell, which we remember most of all as Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 59 years the American actor, 39 the British actress, their story was born, raised and ended between cameras and film sets, and the age difference did not seem like a big problem, so much so that a few months ago they were paparazzi hand in hand around Rome during breaks from work.

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According to unofficial sources, the reasons for this break are to be found in work: “It was a very intense time from a filming point of view,” said one person directly from the set. “They get along really well, and obviously they are two beautiful Hollywood super actors, so they were really good together,” he added. And then the sad confirmation, in spite of everything: “They have decided to go back to being just friends”.

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“They have a lot to do and Tom always has new commitments coming up and he has to move around the world on private jets. This story has simply run its course. However, they are both happy to work together, but sometimes these things happen, unfortunately ”. Atwell had been Tom Cruise’s first serious story after his breakup with Katie Holmes, which ended almost ten years ago.

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