Endometriosis, a taboo disease in RRSS

“I have memories of my childhood broken by pain, with a warm blanket on the kidneys and the belly. With cramps that went down from my ovaries to my knees. And despite visits to various doctors, they all agreed: “It’s normal, they are menstrual pains”. So the influencer Sara Salamo told her Instagram followers about the suffering of endometriosis.

It is a disease that affects one in 10 women throughout the world, and which is characterized by presenting very strong menstrual cramps, intermenstrual bleeding or pain when having sex. Although every time there is an attempt to talk more about endometriosis and make it clear that “the pain of the period is not normal”there are still many taboos in Social Networks (RRSS).

Sara Sálamo in the middle of the pandemic decided to tell her personal story. At the age of 11, she was prescribed birth control pills as the only solution. But the pain did not stop and it was not until she was 20 years old that she was diagnosed. “When I was 20 I saw a gynecologist who diagnosed it on my first visit”, but her surprise was that she never heard of endometriosis.

as one of the influencers best known nationally, decided to give visibility to this disease that is associated with various stereotypes. “You are an exaggeration” either “You are strong, endure the pain”are phrases that many of these women hear and that make them feel misunderstood.

“We have always associated that period pain to something that goes with the woman and that she has to endure because it is what she touches”

Emma Roberts He went through the same thing as Sálamo. The actress herself has always had very painful rules that prevented her from going to class when she was little and from canceling meetings in adulthood. “I told my doctor, but he didn’t listen to me because maybe i was being dramatic. In my twenties, I felt like I had to switch to a female doctor. It was the best decision I have ever made. She asked for tests, she sent me to a specialist,” Roberts said in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine.

The influencers Martha Pombomore than https://www.consalud.es/700 thousand followers On Instagram, I also speak on the RRSS to normalize and express how she lives her illness. “We have always associated that period pain to something that goes with the woman and that she has to put up with because it is what she touches. But when they are pains this strong it is not normal. Many gynecologists told me ‘Ibuprofen and running’until I found a wonderful gynecologist who saw the cyst on my ovary, and saw that it was endometriosis”.

In addition, she tried to send a message of positivity to all those followers who suffer the same as her. “Do not bear a pain as I have endured all my life for the fact of being a woman, because it is what it touches. When it’s not normal, it’s not normal and there’s something behind it. investigate, askDon’t be ashamed.”

Like them, many other women decided to become the protagonists of this disease, telling their story through Instagram or TikTok. At the same time, they aim to make the population aware that pain should not be endured. There are followers who comment on many of these publications empathizing with these women or who even dare to confess that they are going through the same thing. But unfortunately, there are still many people who still do not understand that endometriosis is a disabling disease and? decreases quality of life of the person who suffers from it.


The main problem that exists around endometriosis is that on average it takes eight years to diagnose. And this is precisely what it intends to denounce and make visible #endomarchboth from the international channel Worldwide Endomarch, as well as from associations at the local level.

There are still many people who still do not understand that endometriosis is a disabling disease and that it decreases the quality of life of the person who suffers from it.

A couple of years ago, this initiative was born hand in hand with the celebration of the World Endometriosis Day, which is celebrated on March 14. With this hashtag It is intended that many women and health professionals contribute their grain of sand to make this pathology known.

Specifically, #endomarch searches for amplify the stories of those women who live with endometriosis and have come a long way to be diagnosed. Since it was launched in 2021, Instagram has quantified more than 31 thousand posts around the world and that days close to the celebration of this world day the publications increase considerably. It is a small sample of how RRSS can help to end the taboo of this disease and many others.

Because health we all need… ConSalud.es

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