Energy Bureau concludes that LUMA does not improve the duration of service interruptions

The Puerto Rico Energy Bureau (PREB) concluded in its most recent analysis of performance metrics that the LUMA Energy consortium has not improved the duration of electricity service interruptions in its first year of operating the Puerto Rico transmission and distribution system. the country’s power grid.

The regulatory body indicated that despite the fact that the monthly average duration of service interruption (SAIDI) was reduced from June 2021, the date on which the company began operations, until January 2022 , the duration of interruption has been increasing up to the present.

“The annual average of SAIDI has been increasing consistently from June to the present, and is above the historical metric (“baseline”) of 1,243 minutes,” reads the analysis.

Additionally, SAIFI has fluctuated since the transition in June 2021, reaching a peak in October 2021.

Although it has dropped from that peak, it is still at the same level as at the beginning of the transition, so there is no perceived improvement in the frequency of interruptions”, underlines the resolution.

However, at an annualized level, the SAIFI does show a slight improvement over the comparable level in June 2021 at the time of the transition, PREB said.

In the resolution that was approved this afternoon, Thursday, to address procedural issues on the performance of the energy company, the regulatory body indicated that the generation work of the Electric Power Authority (PREPA) continues to exceed historical metrics.

However, when PREB averaged the Authority’s total generation cost, the average cost per kilowatt hour exceeds the historical metric by about 3 cents.

The resolution also orders LUMA and PREPA to explain, on or before September 1, 2022, the reason for the poor performance of some of these metrics.

“We have to begin to see improvements on the part of LUMA in its management of the electrical system and on the part of the Authority in terms of generation. When the bonus system of the contract has not entered into force at the moment, the Bureau can impose fines and compel improvements when the metrics show a deterioration of the system. This is what we will do if we do not begin to see a sustained positive change in the electrical system,” explained the president of the Bureau, Edison Avilés Deliz, in written statements.

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