Enhypen enjoys the ride with ‘Orange Blood’

K-pop band Enhypen holds a press showcase event for fifth EP

K-pop band Enhypen held a press showcase event for fifth EP “Orange Blood” in Seoul on Thursday. (Belift Lab)

Enhypen returns with an interesting new sound with their fifth EP “Orange Blood”.

The members held a press conference in Seoul on Thursday, a day before the album’s release.

Member Jungwon said the album deviates from the team’s iconic heady music and displays “subtle sensuality”.

Representing Enhypen’s new sound on “Orange Blood” is “Sweet Venom”, a groovy and cool punk-pop melody through which the members swear their eternal love.

According to Sunu, it is an extension of the title song “Bite Me” from the previous album “Dark Blood”.

“This tune is really addictive. When I heard it for the first time I thought ‘Now that’s a title song.’ Sunu said, “You can sing along immediately when you hear it and I think it’s going to be a hit.”

Jai is credited as the lyricist for the song, marking the first time he has participated in writing lyrics for the team.

Jai revealed, “I have tried writing lyrics before, but again, I just wrote what I felt. This time, I focused on writing lines for the team. I also looked at the lyrics of our previous songs.”

The album features three versions of “Sweet Venom”, a Korean version, an English version and a collaborative version with American singer Bella Poarch.

Jake said, “This is our first English song. We not only translated it but also wrote new lyrics and melodies for the song.”

The album includes four other songs, “Mortal,” “Still Monster,” “Far Away” and “Orange Flower (You Complete Me)”, which the members said were all full of different charms.

The members said, not only the title song, but the entire album continues the story of “Dark Blood”. The so-called “Blood” series intertwines elements of Enhypen’s original web-comic series “Dark Moon: The Blood Altar”.

The keyword of “Orange Blood” is “Carpe Diem”, as the narrator, the boy, reunites with his lover, “you”, and vows to stay with her no matter what, even That overcomes even the pain of the deadly poison spreading through him. Body. The boy realizes that nothing lasts forever in the world, and all he can do is try his best in love.

K-pop band Enhypen holds a press showcase event for fifth EP

K-pop band Enhypen held a press showcase event for fifth EP “Orange Blood” in Seoul on Thursday. (Belift Lab)

Enhypen, consisting of Jay, Jake, Jungwon, Sunghoon, Heseung, Sunoo, and Ni-ki, celebrated its third anniversary in September. The group was formed through Mnet and Hibe’s survival program “I-Land” and officially debuted in 2020 under the Hibe subsidiary label Belift Lab.

Jai expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards the fans, who he said are the biggest source of inspiration and motivation for the team.

“Fans always help us change for the better. The different thoughts we have about them and the emotions we feel and the experiences we have with them become our knowledge and heart .He has made us think in a more mature way with time, and we will always remember his love and work hard to return with better performances,” Jay said.

Jake said that a deep longing settled in the hearts of all of them and drew them together.

“We worked on this album almost obsessively. We wanted to release an album that could stand up in the market at this time when so many artists are coming back. We worked hard in different ways – musically, ‘Dark Moon “And to showcase Enhypen’s unique talent – ​​this album embodies all of those elements,” said Jake.

Enhypen’s popularity has grown phenomenally over the past three years, during which he conducted two global tours, the last of which, “Fate”, was held in historic stadiums and domes in the Americas and Asia.

During the “Fate” tour, the group made their historic debut at Tokyo Dome in Japan, one of the most prestigious concert tours in Asia by an artist, and the shortest by a K-pop boy band to do so.

Despite such worldwide success, Enhypen’s domestic popularity is comparatively low, and Jungwon stated that he aims to overcome this limitation with the new album.

He said, “We are aware of the opinion that our music and songs are inferior in Korea compared to our global reputation. We will work hard to perform better and show that Enhyepan is a group that never stands still. “

Sunu said, “It’s our first English song, so hopefully we can score good points on the Billboard charts as well.”

Haseng said, the album’s message of carpe diem reflects what the band is going through.

“If I compare us to surfing, we caught the wave and got on board on the last album. With this album, we’re ready to enjoy everything about it. Like the keyword carpe diem, I hope That we can give it our all for us and Enjin is watching us have fun,” Hseung said.

Enhypen’s fifth EP “Orange Blood” and music videos for “Sweet Venom” arrive on Friday.

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