Enough! This is the unexpected food that Angelina Jolie had to forbid her children

“My children love to eat that… It’s what they like the most,” said Angelina Jolie regarding the food that she forbade her boys. “They ate them like Doritos,” she said.

Angelina Jolie She is one of the most acclaimed actresses in Hollywood, although her time in movies and shows is not limited simply to this task. The American is also a director, producer, businesswoman and model.

A woman as popular as Angelina Jolie He is always in the spotlight of the news, and on one occasion, it was precisely doing a job as an image of the renowned Louis Vuitton brand that he was involved in a scandal. The video quickly went viral, and not for anything brand related.

In the promotional video “Core Values” made by Louis Vuitton, shot in Cambodia, shows the “Maleficent” actress with her children savoring a gastronomic delight from this Asian country. It is no secret to anyone that Angelina Jolie She is passionate about trying dishes from different nationalities, especially if it is from the region where her children were born.

Maddox, the eldest son of Angelinawas born in Cambodia, and the actress has wanted, as always, to get involved in the culture of her little ones, and in the video with Louis Vuitton you can see the whole family eating fried insects, which they seemed to be fully enjoying.

However, in a note published by eonline.com, it was revealed that Jolie he had to order his children to stop eating the crickets because they couldn’t stop. “I had to ban crickets at one point, because I was afraid they would get too sick… but they’re good, they’re like potato chips,” she explained.

Enough! This is the unexpected food that Angelina Jolie had to forbid her children. Photo: notife.com

Enough! This is the unexpected food that Angelina Jolie had to forbid her children. Photo: Telemundo.com

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