Entel begins to activate the Wi-Fi Calls service to some of its mobile service customers

We have good news for those who are customers of the national operator Entel with their wireless service, as several customers have been reporting being you have enabled the Wi-Fi Voice servicealso known as Wi-Fi calls, Wi-Fi Calling or VoWiFi.

This service is really useful because it allows us to make or receive calls through any Wi-Fi network with internet access, and using our own mobile number, which in this case is provided by Entel’s mobile service.

With this we can go to other countries, connect to any Wi-Fi network and make and receive calls as if we were in Chile and without any extra charge, it only deducts minutes from our contracted plan. It is also useful when we are in an area where there is little or no mobile signal.

We have the case of our reader, christian stopwho notified us on Twitter that Entel has activated the service on his Samsung Galaxy S22 with a $9,990 plan.

What do I need to have this service?

Well, the same operator has enabled a special section on its help website where it explains what the WiFi Calling or Wi-Fi Calls service is, and what its requirements would be to have it.

According to them, you must have a Wi-Fi connection with internet access, a compatible device and with the VoLTE (4G Voice) service activated, have the most recent version of the smartphone software, and have this option activated on the device.

However, Entel adds that the Wi-Fi Calls implementation process will be carried out gradually and will be available for all its mobile service plans, so prepaid customers will not be eligible for the service for now.

You can find more information from Entel and instructions to activate the service on your iPhone or Android mobile by doing click here.

How do I know if I already have the service activated?

In the case of iPhones, the operator name “entel” will be replaced by “tel Wi-Fi” (like the cover image). However, to ensure total security, we recommend that you activate the airplane mode and then connect to your Wi-Fi network, there should be “entel Wi-Fi”. If it doesn’t appear, it’s because you haven’t activated the service yet.

In the case of Android devices, you should see a phone icon with some lines, although it will depend entirely on the device manufacturer.

For example, this is how it appears on Samsung:

This is how it appears on Honor or Huawei:

Remember that it will only appear when you are on a Wi-Fi network. If you want to be sure, you can turn on airplane mode and connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Another important fact, some smartphones give priority to the mobile network and if you have a good signal, Wi-Fi Voice will not be activated. In that case, it will only activate when you have a weak signal or are without mobile service.

Many thanks to Christian Parada and “MmarambioJ” for the screenshots!

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