Entergalactic: music and love

The series created, written and directed by Kid Cudie Ian Edelman, with the help of Fletcher Moules, presents the adaptation of Kid Cudi’s own album under the name Entergalactic. The musical drama stars Scott Mescudi, Jessica Williams, Timothy Chalamet, Tyrone Griffin Jr., Laura Harrier and Vanessa Hudgens.

Scott Ramón Seguro Mescudi, better known as Kid Cudi, is an American rapper, singer, and actor. who, together with Kenya Barris, presents something different on the Netflix platform. It is not common for a tape to reflect the history of a singer’s album, for which the rapper himself is grateful for all those who supported this project.

“Wait until everyone hears and watches Entergalactic. They have no idea. I really want to thank Kenya Barris, Mike Moon, Elizabeth Porter and the whole team for believing in my vision and helping me make it a reality. Everything about this show is next level.” Said the singer with Mexican descent.

In an interview, Cudi mentioned that for the making of Entergalactic he recorded songs related to the love and freedomand after that, he dedicated himself to writing the script according to his music.


Ambitious artist Jabari tries to balance success and love when he moves into his dream apartment in Manhattan and falls in love with his neighbor.


“It’s thoughtful, often effective and occasionally cathartic. There are great performances, a wonderful music and great visual design, in vibrant colors you’ll think of days after you see it,” Barry Levitt: SlashFilm.

“Through some Stellar visuals, boundless imagination, and plenty of excitementturns a simple love story into a feast for the senses”, Jonathon Wilson: Ready Steady Cut.

A celebration of human connection. At once a sumptuous visual album and a spellbinding romantic story, it’s a feast for the senses,” Manuel Betancourt: AV Club.

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