EPCO, the training, wellness and nutrition platform

EPCO, the training, wellness and nutrition platform

One of the most recommended options for physical activity for those who prefer to work on their own or do not have enough time to go to a training center are mobile applications and digital platforms.

The wellness platform developed by EPCO was recently launched as a tool on-line for people with the intention of improving their quality of life. Although the platform is focused on the female audience, anyone has the option to access the website and enjoy its benefits.

Beyond training, EPCO has wanted to cover both physical and emotional activity, as well as nutrition, three fundamental pillars to obtain well-being, thus offering content of physical training, meditation and diet.

In addition to the different categories that EPCO offers for health care and physical and emotional well-being, it is worth highlighting the focus on quality in all aspects. EPCO has certified and specialized instructors in each of the subjects offered, so that the practices and training sessions are professional, effective and with a logical structure.

The quality is also appreciated in the design of all the content. With a founding team passionate about graphic design and art, it’s no surprise that both on the platform and in training sessions, a clean and neat aestheticsfrom the location of each video to the instructors’ wardrobe.

EPCO combines training and nutrition plans to ensure the well-being of the user

With the aim of delivering a comprehensive service for the user’s well-being, the EPCO platform focuses on people taking advantage of a digital space to learn, enjoy and break your barriers. In this way, each user has the opportunity to find new passions, set new goals or increase their skills.

However, the priority is not only physical training, but they also seek highlight the importance of nutrition, since food is essential to maintain good health. Given that nutritional advice must be personalized, the user can fill out a contact form to obtain a guide, according to their needs.

Likewise, the EPCO web store It allows you to purchase useful products to carry out training, such as a yoga mat, dumbbells, sports sets and other important tools.

A monthly subscription that allows access to the content premium

For users who purchase the monthly or yearly subscriptionthere are exclusive contents that include unlimited videos on yoga, fitness, meditation and healthy recipes. Regarding the recipes, these are easy, original and healthy preparations to complement the exercise routine.

The classes are organized in 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced, with a duration of between 5 and 50 minutes and different styles so that the user can create a routine adapted to your availability. On the other hand, the “collections” section has class programs of between 4 and 20 videos with specific objectives, such as, for example, strengthening the abdomen or a 21 day fitness challenge.

As a trial so that everyone can test the content, the platform offers the possibility of a 14-day trial, free of charge, with access to the content. premium. That way, everyone can experience the service and later decide whether to opt for the subscription.

Exercise is an opportunity for people to go through a transformation of their mind, body, attitude and state of mind, in order to consolidate a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, EPCO trainings are built to take advantage of the potential of each clientwithout deviating from the importance of enjoying the process.

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