Ephemeris of August 14

On August 14, 1945, the president of the United States, Harry Truman, announced the unconditional surrender of Japan.

Other anniversaries:

1502.- On his fourth and last voyage, Columbus landed in Honduras and it is believed that he was the first to name the country because of the depth of the sea he found near the coast.

1556.- Final establishment of the Portuguese in China, near Canton, where they founded Macao.

1598.- The Casa de la Lonja is inaugurated in Seville, which will later become the General Archive of the Indies.

1879.- The peace treaty between Spain and Peru is signed in Paris.

1881.- The Cuban doctor Carlos Finlay shows that the transmitting agent of yellow fever is the Aedes mosquito.

1912.- Intervention of US forces in Nicaragua at the request of President Adolfo Díaz, to quell the uprising that threatened to overthrow him.

1914.- Japan declares war on Germany.

1917.- China declares war on Germany and its allies.

1919.- The new Reich Constitution comes into force.

1941.- Signature of the Atlantic Charter, signed by Churchill and Roosevelt.

1949.- First elections in the newly created Federal Republic of Germany won by the Christian Democrats led by Konrad Adenauer who was elected first chancellor on September 14.

1957.- Proclamation of the Kingdom of Morocco. The hitherto sultan Mohamed V becomes king.

1980.- The historic 17-day strike breaks out at the Gdansk shipyard (Poland), giving rise to the “Solidarity” union.

1988.- The Spanish rider Jorge Martínez “Aspar” does a double in the Motorcycle World Championship by winning the title in 125 cc days after winning the 80 cc.

1989.- The president of South Africa, Pieter Botha, announces his resignation.

1994.- The Government of Sudan arrests in Khartoum and hands over to France the Venezuelan terrorist Illitch Ramírez Sánchez, alias “Carlos”.

1996.- 35 people die electrocuted when a high tension cable falls, hit by fireworks, in a festival to mark the 456th anniversary of the founding of Arequipa, in Peru.

2000.- The Council of the Russian Orthodox Church approves the canonization of the last tsar, Nicholas II and other members of his family.

2001.-An experimental plane from NASA, powered by photovoltaic solar energy, breaks the world record for flight height.

2003.- Fernando Vaca Narvaja and Roberto Cirilo Perdía, two of the three leaders of the Montoneros, an armed wing of the Peronist left in the 1970s, are arrested in Buenos Aires.

2006.-The US authorities arrest the Mexican Francisco Javier Arellano Félix, head of the Tijuana cartel.

2007.- 250 members of the Yazidi sect die when four suicide truck bombs explode in Nineveh (Iraq).

2008.-Poland and the United States agree to create an anti-missile shield on Polish territory after years of negotiations.

2015.- The American flag flies again in Cuba, after 54 years.

2016.- The jihadist group Boko Haram releases a video showing that the girls from Chibok (Nigeria), kidnapped in 2014, are still being held captive.

2018.- 43 dead due to the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa (Italy).

2021.- A powerful earthquake in Haiti causes more than 1,400 deaths.



1867.- John Galsworthy, English writer, Nobel-1932.

1940.- Arístides Royo, former president of Panama.


1947.- Danielle Steel, American writer.

1953.- James Horner, American soundtrack composer and conductor.

1959.- Magic Johnson, former American basketball player.

1966.- Halle Berry, American actress.

1983.- Mila Kunis, Ukrainian actress naturalized American.



1951.- William Randolph Hearst, magnate of the American press.

1956.- Bertolt Brecht, German poet and playwright.

1971.- Georg von Opel, German car manufacturer.

1972.- Manuel Millares Sall, Spanish painter.

1988.- Enzo Ferrari, Italian manufacturer of sports and racing cars.

1993.- José Basso, Argentine musician.

1994.- Elías Canetti, British nationalized Bulgarian writer.

2004.- Czeslaw Milosz, Polish poet and Nobel Prize for Literature.

2007.-Tikhon Khrennikov, Russian composer.

2016.- Fyvush Finkel, American actor.

2020.- Julian Bream, English classical guitarist and lute player. EFE


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