Epic Games Store opens 2023 with 2 free games to get and keep forever

Epic Games Store closed 2022 in style. Although the batch of 15 free games for 15 days earned the occasional look of doubt at the quality of the games from the community, we cannot complain that the Americans do not comply. Tim Sweeney’s company promised more than a dozen games, and the quality of Death Stranding or Dishonored is indisputable. Now, Epic Games starts the new year with 2 new games: Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice and Kerbal Space Program.

The second is one that is widely known among the PC community, although it flew outside these borders to PlayStation and Xbox; but it is also one that is very well known to us at 3DJuegosPC and that is that we talked about him, his closeness to the prestigious NASA and his good use of physics a few months ago.

We are talking about a game strategy and management with a very solid base in science that will put us on the table a task: build a spaceship that works, respects the laws of aerodynamics and the orbital physics, and take us into space. Do you think you can?

On the other hand Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice is the Standalone DLC from Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. The base game is well known among lovers of strategy and tactical action, and this “sequel” follows Aiko’s character on a new map with less than a dozen missions. Of course, if you have never played the saga, it is not a bad place to start with its short duration and because it doesn’t add anything very different to the mix that we haven’t seen in Blades of the Shogun.

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It should be noted that, in this case and now far from the Christmas period, both games will not be available for 24 hours, but their time exceeds one week. Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice and Kerbal Space Program will be available to get for free until next 12th of Januaryat 5:00 p.m..

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