Epic Games Store: Today you get these two new games for free

Epic Games Store: Today you get these two new games for free

It is already Thursday and with it it is time to remind you that it is the day of the week in which the Epic Games Store gives us games. Gone is speaking in the singular, for a few weeks we have two free games every Thursday and today will be no less. from 17:00 (local time) we can download two new titles totally free from the Epic store.

We remind you that until 5:00 p.m., you still have time to download the two free games from last week, so even if you are in discount time, you still have a few hours ahead to get hold of them. We take this opportunity to remind you that you also have the Xbox store weekly offers available, with numerous games and content discounted for a limited time.

Download two free games from the Epic Games Store

Run the space program for the kerbal alien race in Kerbal Space Program. He uses a wide variety of parts to build functional spaceships that fly (or don’t) according to the laws of aerodynamics and orbital physics.

Aiko’s Choice is a new standalone expansion for the famous tactical spy game Shadow Tactics. Set in feudal Japan, and more specifically in the Edo period, in it you control the kunoichi Aiko and her band of assassins to end the ghosts of her past.

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