Epic prank by locking a bride’s door hours before her wedding in Cuenca: “Those are the signs”

If this were Hollywood, we’d know people would do anything to escape her best friend’s wedding, For example, in the case of Julia Roberts, we saw how she falsified documents to keep things between her friend and her fiancé, as well as poor Cameron Diaz, who was madly in love, to make it illegal. She used to plot all kinds of misdeeds. In this case, they didn’t want to cancel the commitment, but they did By locking the front door it was made difficult for her friend to get out of the house wearing white clothes,

This joke is told in two videos He has over 18 million views on TikTok Among them, showing how they went into the house the night before the wedding and how the bride, realizing what they had done, caught hold of them with her hands. putty, The city of the incident is Villamayor de Santiago in CuencaWhere these epic pranks are still alive and can’t be done in an urban environment for obvious reasons.

Young Ruben Donoso is the one who shared the documents, which have over 4,000 comments. “It’s your friend’s wedding and all this is happening in front of his house the night before,” They start by referencing a video of a renovation team watching a qualified performance, limited only to the adage of making as little noise as possible so as not to wake the friend up prematurely. Thus, very calmly and without immediately quitting the cigarette, the friends begin to put bricks in the door until it becomes half a brick:

@donosorc ♬ Vagabundo – Sebastian Yatra & Manuel Turizo & Beale

But the day before the wedding, the bride’s sleep is not the deepest, so around five in the morning She got up and went to see what was happening outside., Her friends hid to watch her reaction and record it, even if from a distance, while she opened it and found the pre-wedding backpack that had been left for her. “But you are… the mother who gave birth to you, you have broken my bell and bricked the door.”I will write them in the chat, as you can see in the second video:

@donosorc ♬ La Sandia – Charanga La Nota

The girl easily managed to knock down the brick wall, which still had fresh cement and was not stuck, took the joke with great humor, because All of them also attended the wedding. And, from what he has shown, he has given everything on the track. As we said, there are many users who have commented on the drama: “They do this to me and my reaction is random, I get angry and scream as much as I laugh or cry,” says a girl. Wrote.

“Real ‘friend, feel'”, “You behaved well, you were careful on the sides and everything, you are good”, “Traditional village jokes for the bride and groom, I love it! Don’t let the old customs be lost”“Mason with cigarette in mouth is authentic, nothing private labeled” and “I would just say if your friends do this, they know something, they are a sign of luck” were other comments that could be read. .

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