Ernesto Laguardia has already thought about retirement and clarifies his alleged courtship with Adela Noriega

Ernesto Laguardia / Agencia México

Ernesto Laguardia / Mexico Agency

Ernesto Laguardia met with the press to celebrate his 50th anniversary and was asked if he has a friendly relationship with Adela Noriega, with whom he starred in the soap opera Quinceañera 36 years ago.

“We have met on occasion, but I only have to wish him the best. Adelita is a wonderful person and one that people want to see. There is a lot of mystery around her life, I respect the lives of others a lot, but she was always reserved and I always respected that, ”she assured.

Regarding the rumors that Laguardia and Noriega were dating while they were working on the plot, the 63-year-old actor said:

“No, there was never a romance, at that time I had a girlfriend, I don’t know, I think she also had a boyfriend for certain months.”

Ernesto Laguardia with Adela Noriega / Agencia México

Ernesto Laguardia with Adela Noriega / Agencia México

On the other hand, Ernesto recognized that staying in the artistic environment is not easy, because there is a large amount of envy.

“They have been difficult, they have been 50 years, a lifetime, full of joy, but also of many disappointments. The medium, it is not an easy medium, there is envy, there are people who give you the foot for free, but there are also wonderful people, sensational projects, characters that make you mature, I feel grateful to life, I don’t think I could complain, it would be very ungrateful of me, it is a difficult medium, but it has gone very, very well thanks to the public”.

Ernesto Laguardia / Agencia México

Ernesto Laguardia / Mexico Agency

Likewise, the actor stated that for these same reasons, at some point he thought about retiring, but there was always someone who supported him to move forward.

“Well, there have been some moments that were true, but I always have people who love me, who support me, at the time my parents, now they have come forward, recently my mother. Yes, I once thought it was very difficult. It was a very bitter challenge to be in this environment. I remember very well the words of my father who said ‘you always have to reciprocate the affection of the public'”.

Finally, Laguardia acknowledged that he would very much like to return to work on the morning program Hoy, since this broadcast left its mark on his life.

“Well, I would love to. Today It is a project that I adore. It has been a very important part of my life, I got married there, had my children, it gave me so much satisfaction. Now many people ask you ‘When Today?, When Today?’ and I tell them ‘No, I don’t know, really,’ she concluded.

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