Erotic cinema: These are the 10 most shocking scenes in history

The erotic genre is gaining relevance on streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Cablevisión Flow, Paramount+ or DirecTV GO.

This “soft” variant of porn, increasingly in demand among viewers, has its great classics within the film industry.

Since screen eroticism was born with silent movies, it has promoted nudity scenes, taking them to the limit of censorship.

In “soft” movies, sexuality is much less explicit than in pornographic ones, whose actors have revealed terrible experiences they go through while filming.

Recently, the American porn star Adriana Chechik revealed that she suffers from serious physical problems due to the orgies she had to star in.

On the other hand, with a suggestive tone, in erotic films, relevance is given to the plot, to the content, over the sexual scene itself.

Thus, based on a ranking of the 10 best erotic feature films in history, we select in this note the most exciting scenes of each of them.

9 and a half weeks

When we think of erotic movies, 9 1/2 weeks comes to mind. Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke star in a film that was nominated for a Razzie Award (the antithesis of the Oscars), but turns out to be much more interesting than critics make it out to be.


Actually, it is not a movie: there are two, and in total they add up to more than 5 hours of fiery scenes in which we follow the story of a woman addicted to sex (nymphomaniac, hence the title). Although Lars von Trier is a controversial director, some sexual scenes that seem pornographic were recorded using doubles. Still very intense. One of the most intense scenes can be seen through the following link.

Sees it

It is without a doubt the most explicit erotic film on the list, with scenes dealing with pornography and showing open sex. Gaspar Noé is one of the most controversial filmmakers in French cinema, and here he proves it again. I’m just telling you that there is a sequence designed to be seen in 3D in which some fluids ‘jump’ onto the screen. This is one of the most erotic.

blue velvet

David Lynch directed this typical film noir that combined powerful erotic scenes with a dramatic story that crosses the screen. What happened in this small town in North Carolina? In this link, I discovered a scene so hot that we cannot insert it in this note.

The stranger of the lake

Controversial film if there is one about cruising, a sexual practice in which men who have sex with other men congregate outdoors to practice open relationships. In France, it was a big surprise, but it also received a lot of criticism from the more conservative sector; actually, a very interesting reflection on loneliness that no one should miss.

And Your Mother Too

Alfonso Cuarón, director of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkabán, surprised us all years before with Y Tu Mama Tambien, a film starring Maribel Verdú and Gael García Bernal that managed to be nominated for an Oscar in 2002 thanks to its screenplay. What would love be like between two young men and a married woman? In this scene, everything a minor should not see.


Eva Green, Michael Pitt and Louis Garrel star in this erotic drama directed by Bernardo Bertolucci and which became ipso facto one of the best erotic films in history. It is not only eroticism; it is also the story of a very open friendship that can end up being broken by some extremely risky games. Entering this link, look at the hottest fragment.

The last Tango in Paris

Bernardo Bertolucci is a controversial director, and that is why he appears twice on this list: on this second occasion, we find ourselves before the story of a mature North American (Marlon Brando) and a young Parisian (Maria Schneider) who meet by chance while They visit a rented flat. Passion takes over and they have sex in this empty place. It is rumored that a real violation was shown, although this circumstance has not been confirmed.

Eyes wide Shut

It may be a minor film by Stanley Kubrick (it is also the director’s last), but I wish all erotic films being made today had the delicacy and acting quality of Eyes Wide Shut. Wonderful Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, in this sublime and sensual scene.

The life of Adele

In 2013, France revolutionized the Cannes Film Festival by taking the Palme d’Or with a wonderful erotic film, in which eroticism is left in the background to focus on the evolution of two teenagers on their path of desire and maturity. Quality LGTBIQ+ cinema, and without a doubt, one of the best erotic films on the list.

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