Errors of love are mounted on the tables with “Closer”

CARACAS – José Pisano, General Director of Trasnocho Cultural, after announcing the reopening of the face-to-face programming for 2022 at the complex, raised the curtain to present the first of the works that kick off the seventh edition of the Young Directors Festival.

The work of Elis Blanco Jansen with her piece “Closer”, by the British playwright Patrick Marber, tells a story about love told through misunderstanding, through error.

The work that can be seen from February 25 to March 6 at 4:00 pm. in the Plural Space, it is the first of 98 pieces that make up the 2022 contest.

“Closer” had its world premiere at the Royal National Theater’s Cottesloe Theater in London in 1997, and made its North American debut at Broadway’s Music Box Theater on January 25, 1999, making it a widely known version and even, was made into a movie in 2004 is made into a movie by the director by Mike Nichols, and stars Julia Roberts, Clive Owen (Oscar nominee for Best Supporting Actor), Natalie Portman (Oscar nominee for Best Supporting Actress that year for his performance in the film) and Jude Law.

The young director presents herself with this piece knowing how complex the theatrical script is, which represents a great challenge and which she manages to achieve with the naturalness of everyday texts, despite the fact that it was not an easy task for them, as she herself affirms.

“The importance of not feeling forced conversations and not being so repetitive has been an arduous task on rehearsal days,” he revealed.

The cast that brings the piece to life is made up of Karla Viera, Beatriz Sojo, Erick Palacios and Theylor Plaza and tickets can be purchased through www.ticketmundo.com and at the Trasnocho Cultural box office.

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