Escape of a prisoner and jailer in the US ended with his capture and her suicide

The escape of a man imprisoned in Alabama with the help of a jailer with whom he allegedly had a love relationship ended eleven days later with her suicide and his capture in Indiana, local media reported Tuesday.

Vicky White, 56, took her own life when she and Casey White, 38, considered a dangerous inmate, were being chased by police in Evansville, an Indiana town about 219 miles (325 kilometers) from the Lauderdale County jail in Alabama, where the escape began on April 29.

Both had the same last name, but they were not relatives, although they did have a “special” relationship, according to prison sources when it was learned that Vicky White had helped Casey escape and had accompanied him on his escape.

According to the Alabama media on Tuesday, Vicky White took to the grave why she embarked on this criminal adventure, which, as it has transpired, she prepared in advance and with care.

Casey White was in prison awaiting trial for a murder case, although he was already serving a sentence for another case.

The prison officer got him out of prison saying she had to take him to court for a mental health evaluation.

The case garnered great interest as she was a model career prison officer nearing retirement. Her companions could not believe at first that she was involved in the escape and believed that she had been taken hostage or threatened.

However, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton cleared them up. “We know that he participated. This is not the Vicky White that we know,” he said in releasing the facts.

This week the US Marshalls Corps jailbreak task force, which was tracking the couple, received a tip that they were in a hotel in Evansville and placed them under surveillance.

On Monday, both left the hotel, got into a Cadillac purchased in Tennessee and started the march with Vicky White at the wheel and followed by police officers.

At one point in the chase there was a crash, after which Casey got out of the vehicle saying that Vicky had shot herself and that he was turning himself in.

Vicky White was taken to a hospital, where doctors certified her dead, one of the US Marshalls agents told CNN.

Sheriff Singleton expressed his satisfaction with the capture of Casey White and the fact that “no citizens were injured, no law enforcement officers were injured as a result of this escape.

The prison officer, who had no children, was divorced and lived with her parents, sold her house and some land before the escape to have cash and bought an old 2007 car that she left parked the night before in a Florence shopping center (Alabama), according to the press.

There police found the vehicle in which they left the Lauderdale County Jail.

This story was originally published on May 10, 2022 11:48 a.m.

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