Escape Plan 3 The last challenge the plot of the film on Rai 4 Thursday 9 September


Escape Plan 3

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Escape Plan 3 The last challenge the film with Sylvester Stallone on Rai 4 tonight Thursday 8 September

Escape Plan 3 The last challenge (or The Extractors in original) is the film chosen by Rai 4 for the prime time of Thursday 8 September, the third chapter of the saga that began in 2013 with Escape Plan. The film is directed by John Herzfeld and runs for 97 minutes.

The film was released digitally and streaming in the USA, in cinemas in Italy, in Russia and in other countries, in Italy it grossed 163 thousand euros; against a small budget, it grossed 1.8 million dollars in the countries where it was released and 2.9 million dollars in the US thanks to the digital market.

Escape Plan 3 the plot of the film tonight on Rai 4

Let’s find out the plot of Escape Plan 3 The ultimate challenge tonight on Rai 4 to find out if it could be ideal for our TV evening.

Escape expert Ray Breslin is hired by a Hong Kong tycoon to find his daughter, kidnapped by a criminal clan after she and her father visited factories in Ohio. The kidnappers leave a key to the girl’s father addressed to Breslin. Aided by two security experts and longtime partner Trent DeRosa, Ray sets out to search for the girl.


The trailer

Here is the trailer for the film

Where can I find it in streaming

The film is in simultaneous live streaming on Rai Play and in the TIMVISION catalog, it is also available for rent and / or purchase on Chili, Google Play / You Tube, Rakuten Tv, Apple Tv.

The cast

Below is the cast of the film

  • Sylvester Stallone: ​​Ray Breslin
  • Dave Bautista: Trent DeRosa
  • 50 Cent: Hush
  • Zhang Jin: Shen Lo
  • Harry Shum Jr .: Bao Yung
  • Devon Sawa: Lester Clark Jr.
  • Jaime King: Abigail Ross
  • Lydia Hull: Jules
  • Malay Jow: Daya Zhang
  • Russell Wong: Wu Zhang
  • Daniel Bernhardt: Silva
  • Jeff Chase: Frankie
  • Shea Buckner: FBI agent Richland

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