Espanyol – Oviedo: the magnificent Puado returns Espanyol to the First Division

dcaptain’s goals Puado, who became the real hero of the match in three crazy minutes before the breakcost Espanyol promotion to the first division, thus accompanying Leganes and Real Valladolid, two teams that were promoted directly at the end of the regular season. Oviedo tried but was unable to withstand the pressure of an inverted stadium and his team pressed as never those of Manolo Gonzalez from the beginning of the fight. Parrotsdominants of the second leg of the playoff final, Just a year later they are back in the top category, as they always did when they played in the second division., a category they had never been in two years in a row; On the other hand, the next one will be his 88th season in the top flight.

Puado celebrates one of two goals scored against Oviedo in just three minutes

Manolo Gonzalez introduced the usual eleven. I was returning Omar El Hilaly to the team after serving the sanction and he did it too Niko Melamed in the center of the field. In Oviedo, Dubasin replaced the limper Paulino. The match started with Espanyol trying to push forward, intending to dominate and apply pressure from the start. The first dangerous action will happen soon, but Pere Milla, only inside the area he didn’t get to the shot. And at the 20th minute Lobster He missed his header in the Blaugrana’s fourth corner kick.

Cady Bair’s bicycle kick attempt against Sebas Moyano… it was a foul from the blue and white midfielder

Oviedo found it difficult to escape and they did so with some counter-attacks. In one of them, Cabrera He will see a yellow card for stopping an attack. Jaime Seoane he did it midway through the first half, taking advantage of the ball into space GermanBut Joan Garcia corner freed. Espanyol hit back Melamed with his left foot, but the young man’s front kick missed the target. The blue and white tried to do this with a set piece.

And finally, after a corner kick, the first goal was scored. Puado, the smartest player in the small area, converted Niko Melamed’s cross and put Espanyol ahead in the 45th minute of the first half. As if that weren’t enough, at extended time in the first half Cabrera sent a long ball into the box in search of Pere Miglia and the former Elche man, in superb possession, put down a perfect ball and made room for Puado, coming from behind, to fire home with his right foot. make the second one and unleash real madness in the stadium.

Viti advances with the ball under control despite pressure from Gragera

The second half began with Oviedo becoming more aggressive and taking more risks. Borja Sanchez and Abel Bretones They replaced Moyano and Pomares, and later, in a somewhat slow game, they came in too. Cazorla and Masca. The changes caused three arrivals almost in a row from the blues, but neither Borja, nor Colombatto, nor Viti understood correctly with your shots. Manolo Gonzalez’s first replacement will be Brian Olivan Pere Miglia to try to better defend against Carbayon’s pressing team, while Aguado, Salvi and Victor Ruiz also entered the local ranks in the final stretch.

On the last line A handfulThe hero of the day left the field due to physical problems to a standing ovation, and Paul Lozano entered the field. Espanyol would have to suffer in the final minutes from Oviedo’s final strike, even Joan Garcia had to be used completely in the frame Borja Sanchez front and rear deviation front Borja Bastonbut the marker will no longer move. Espanyol return to the First Division and Oviedo will have to try again.

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