Esports: Blizzard announces the official closure of the Overwatch League (+interview)

Is Overwatch’s golden era of international esports finally over, or is it a chance to return to the front of the stage?

Adyboo: If we talk about the golden age, I would say that there was a formidable time. Avec la Blizzard Arena, c’était cool les premieres saisons. Yeah, it’s cool when you go on Twitch. When the fallait rajouter la coupe du worlde et quand on l’avait commentée en France à la Défense, où c’était blindé de world et où on a fait des records d’audience, c’était très cool aussi.

During this golden age, Overwatch is promoted and I remember that no one has heard of it, forcibly, I believe that this golden age will never be forgotten again, and that is the woman who c It is an incredible exaggeration. There is the new Blizzard game, there is GOTY (Game of the year, last year) 2016, is home to a different esport, as well as international and very local.

Cet âge d’or there, on ne pourra never le retoucher du bout des dogs.

Furthermore, it is important that the Overwatch League no longer exists and that it can be reborn in another form with the same foundations. The fact that players feel like they want to start lower, play and improve in strength and size. It is important that scenes S2 and S3 (Level 2 and Level 3, less professional electronic sports circuits) Available to shine a part of T1. If you feel these recipes are not stable, you cannot pour them correctly.

This is what I expect with the OWL renewal, it’s probably a different call here. In some rumors here not all officials agree, but, as far as it is intended, the ESL is above the blow.

It’s a good night when you can get a circuit here, so it’s really “low”, where you can’t wait to hear the name “tier 3” (T3): the players here envy their pro, it’s a super night here further. here Don’t forget to force the large structure behind you.

In addition, these same players are gathered to be able to pass in T2, here is the debut of the next professional match with, for example, the regional champions, whether European or intercontinental, and in the second season they will reach T1 with the same ones. champions like here now finally in LoL, Valorant or even R6.

And why should it also be launched in student leagues? From school or university to join the Overwatch team and participate in the tour. Now, the student version will be transformed into Div2 française and here it will be available for Overwatch 100% français, a bit like the LFL. (the French League of League of Legends, ed.) with the “up and down” system. On pourrait avoir des contenders of new generations with the best European or EMEA teams (Europe, Middle East, Africa, nldr)to finally reach the Level of the Worlds.

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