Esports calls, Messi and Medvedev respond

Recently named Ballon d’Or for the eighth time in his career, Lionel Messi took the opportunity to venture into a new business, among the many that La Pulga pursues: electronic sports. Competitive video games are today considered a sector in which to invest, both to create a winning brand in terms of results and to create a team of content creators, always linked to gaming, who become a means of transmitting sponsors and activities. .

With his friend Agüero

To take the first step as a protagonist in the world of esports, Messi has decided to focus on the Argentine organization Kru, which has become world famous for its results in Valorant, the tactical shooter from Riot Games, and its constant presence in the different editions. of the World Cup, the Champions League. However, there is another factor for which the Kru are famous: the owner and founder is “El Kun”, Sergio Agüero, another former Argentine footballer and close friend of Messi, united by a relationship of almost twenty years that dates back to 2005. at the time of the Under 20 national team.

He’s not the only one

Messi will have a leading role in the organization, becoming co-owner of the team and, obviously, a man of image. However, his entry into the Kru is not a surprise: already this summer, on the occasion of the last Valorant World Cup held, the Flea was photographed wearing the team’s shirt in a post that literally went around the web. Messi will thus keep company with retired or still active footballers such as David Beckham, founder of Guild Esports (and one of the owners of the Inter Miami football team where Messi plays), Casemiro, Gullit, De Gea, without forgetting the numerous Italians who . With greater or lesser fortune, they have invested in the sector: Amelia, Florenzi, De Rossi, just to name a few.

Even from other sports

But not only footballers and athletes focus on electronic sports. The latest case is that of the Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev, currently third in the world ranking of the ATP circuit, who has just debuted in the Turin Finals with a 2-0 victory against Rublev. Medvedev recently announced on social media that he has invested in M80 Esports, a startup that has become known in recent times, especially in Valorant. For the organization, founded relatively recently, this is an excellent coup both from a financial point of view, with the entry of new economic resources, and from a media point of view, which will allow it to focus the attention of many on it. .

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