Esports – League of Legends: T1 and Faker new in the World Cup final

Just after the world premiere, T1 (No. 2 in South Korea) qualified for the new World Cup final. League of Legends. The seisième au total (for three sacres). Against JDG (No. 1 in China), who were the biggest winners of the competition in their previous run in Busan, the hyper-popular South Korean club dominated a match 3-1 (3-1). For a week in Seoul, at home, where T1 already missed World Cup qualification (2014, 2018), structure and star Faker (Sang-hyeok Lee) will give you the opportunity to find an incredible setting.

On the page, for a multitude of reasons, the daily challenge will be ready for a final before time and one of the best matches in 13 years of sport in the team: the night of the two teams, déjà ; The ambition of Grand Chelem of the Chinese club, winner of all the competitions this year and invaincu in BO5 (best of the five qualifying rounds) jusqu’ici, ensuite; the fact that T1 will be the next time to expose the face of South Korea in China, the Faker’s personal history or his duel with Ruler (Jae-hyuk Park), even more so. On the ground, the meeting keeps all the promises.

According to the thread, T1 and JDG are perfectly accurate. First of all, despite the excellent South Korean debut, you and Ruler will find proposals to help your adversaries. Next time, JDG is mentioned. team fights, are a strong point, to match. But the image of this opposition is atteint dans la troisième partie, perhaps one of the most beautiful things in the history of the worlds. In a good position to win, the Chinese No. 1 have moved on to their own field – team fights – thanks to an exceptional pairing of Faker-Oner (Hyeon-jun Mun). The first objective of the players is to signal T1 in a play with Azir to all the Ruler players, in exchange for what he had already inflicted on the ADC in 2017, in the final.

The “decisive” part of T1 at the moment is to refresh the surface in the fourth race. There again, JDG paraissait mieux en place. More than ever, T1 finds proposals to take the ascendant and succeed, and you can find one for all opponents. Validant also knows how to place himself at the end, in a crazy environment, between joy, dismay and amazement. The « Golden Route » or « golden route », surname du Grand Chelem qu’espérait JDG – une jamais réalisée performance auparavant – is still nearby.

Visit Bilibili (no. 2 in China) to qualify for the play-offs, LNG (no. 3) in the quarterfinals, JDG (no. 1) next week, T1 next appointment with Weibo (no. 4) in the faces of the park The Chinese language for a new world. The South Korean countries are evidently favorites. The stage had never been able to be reconstructed like this before. In the end, the previous one is made by DRX, another tête from series n°4 (from the South Nucleus). Un piège, mas qu’ils connaissent desormais.

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