Esports – League of Legends: T1 faces its history, Weibo in trouble-party

After five weeks to vibrate to the rhythm of the World League of Legends, the Corée du Sud does not expect more than what it has chosen: it will be able to celebrate the triumph announced by T1. Emmené for its captain Sang-hyeok “Faker” Lee (27 years old), a proud national, the most popular club in the country has no more marks to offer to offer the fourth title in its history. Next time, at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul (17,000 seats), the match will be greatly helped by the final against the Chinese team of Weibo Gaming, a surprise that will surprise us in a party of problems.

A priori, T1 should not be overshadowed by overconfidence. Last year, at this point in the competition, the club, with exactly the same big five, was heading for the overall surprise in the World Cup final, where the favorite predictions would be DRX (2-3). More than once, this year more than ever, they invested in a mission and produced two near-immaculate performances against LNG (3-0) in the quarterfinals and then against JD Gaming (3-1) in the semifinals.

« I think that T1 testifies to the level of the research team, in a perfectly young group, admis Dae-in “Daeny” Yang, former T1 coach in 2021 and mentioned on Weibo, in a pre-match press conference, sorry. I have tried this evening’s delights in the past, but I will never fail. I think there is the best possible version. The mechanics are top-notch, the joueurs prennent toujours les bons paris, the versatility of Keria. (Min-seok Ryu, support) It’s crazy… It makes it very exciting for me. »

T1 imposed a cassette-tête

Even on Weibo, I am happy to see the position of the outsider facing this final, the prize of the words illustriously inspired by T1. By entering the official match, you will soon expose your heart to torment all your opponents after three weeks, on the verge of winning. half (the optimal style of the moment), author of domination in it bot lane… Like others, today the No. 4 Chinese series faces a dilemma: copy the style of its adversary, visibly the most effective in these Worlds, or look at its identity, completely asphyxied from the premiere. the next minute?

In the Weibo newspaper, which people are waiting for at the end, he has a lot of courage to write the beautiful story. Balbutiants in the match, taking advantage of a very favorable draft, Yuanhao “Xiaohu” Li and others are not upstarts in this phase where the price of a feat in the next round will face their compatriots from Bilibili (3-2). But now I’ve made those solid arguments about what’s missing: a beautiful synergy between the top and the jungle and, above all, a modernization for Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok.

After more seasons, the 2018 world champions, to enjoy the most popular encore of the activity in China, avait perdu de sa superbe, en window parfois à parodier son jeu à la limit. More exceptional performances in the semi-finals to demonstrate that beforehand the encore sous le pied. « Pendant two years, j’ai été agressif sans raison, to recognize TheShy, visibly satisfied, before the game. More than once it is different, I have seen my last matches and my coaching staff also helps me a lot. I’m going back to the World Cup, soon I will meet my teammates and the greats. »

Pour Faker, a unique opportunity

This final tour of topplaner pass toutefois au second plan à côté de celui de Faker, star au coeur de toutes les promos publicitaires author de ces Mondiaux sur son sole. Even if you don’t stop enlightening others, it is representative of the environment that the performance is mainly due to «Au talent des joueurs à ses côtés», the legend of T1 attracts all the projectors to this pre-final. Next time, new journalists will flock to you to ask a question at a press conference about your value colleagues so that you become competent.

The observers sent him well: the GOAT (he The best player of all time, best journalist of all time), there is a unique opportunity to win a fourth world title – an absolute record, very evident. It is suitable for Lom in Juillet, who can easily operate on an injury to his right arm and who is a capable team without him, which will accumulate seven defeats in close games in the Korean league. But he was forced to look like he was going to blow up a second young man. Au point d’en faire le meilleur midlaner des Worlds, five months later.

« I am able to fight new enemies for the title, that is incredible. Confiait-il à la presse mercredi. It is truly recognizable and exciting. In the process of reaching the top, you are able to learn enormously about good esprit à avoir… You have a clearer vision of what it means to be a joueur pro maintenant. » Face à son public pour la première fois aux Mondiaux, puisqu’il avait échoué à se qualifier aux précédentes éditions qui se tenaient en Corée du Sud, Faker can act definitly son retour au sommet. Dix ans après are his premier title.

The perspective made, d’ores et déjà, saves all the spectators, sur place et au-delà. Before the final, Riot Games, the publisher of League of Legends and tour organizer, satisfies one of his audiences «65% compared to the previous season, since the debut in the Swiss round just before the end of the semifinals». Even if the most popular club in the world is ready to take on the most popular club in China, the spectators must be more famous than ever. Could you witness a moment in history?

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