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“A ‘barcado’ of rice, pasta, red salad and shredded meat on top in Corabastos: all for $3,500.” Hundreds of recommendations like that have gone viral in Colombia thanks to the creativity of those who make them: Estiwar G, the comic character of ‘ñero’ created by the publicist Luis Fernando Arias and that it was so popular that it reached the most recent season of MasterChef Celebrity.

‘Credential Magazine’ spoke exclusively with Arias —and with Estiwar— for its August edition. With his characteristic hats, his blackened teeth, his dark glasses and his jokes, the man insists that homeless people and other excluded population groups, and even unfairly feared, are human beings with complex stories and emotions.

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Among us we call ourselves ‘ñeros’, but someone else comes to call us that and already feels contemptuous (…). And you don’t need to be told things to feel excluded”, he told Credencial. “It doesn’t happen only to me, but to many people: with the different ones, I say.”

August Credences Magazine

Cover of Credential Magazine, August 2022 edition.


Andrew Moreno. El Tiempo / Credential Magazine

‘Credencial’ also publishes three analytical articles about the United States: first, the former Colombian ambassador to that country, Carlos Urrutia, examines what could happen in the ‘midterms’ this November, with which he will be punished or he will reward President Joe Biden and his Democratic coalition. Second, a review of the reasons why the possession and use of firearms by civilians in that country is a more complex dilemma than it seems. And third, the arguments for and against a potential review of the FTA that our country has with the northern giant.

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In other pages, the writer and columnist Adolfo Zableh explains why the weather in Bogota is not unpleasantas it is argued, and why, on the other hand, it is, in his opinion, the inclement sun of his native Barranquilla.

Slovenian philosopher Renata Salecl also talks with ‘Credential’ about anxiety in the contemporary world, and Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway opens up exclusively about the challenges of playing the mother of the director of her next release: ‘Armageddon Time’.

Likewise, the director of the International Festival of Sacred Music of Bogotá, Mariana Piotrowska, explains what “sacred” means within the framework of the event —whose 11th edition begins in a few days— and the three vallunas who are the creators of the Women of sweet cane project exhibit What is this musical initiative about?

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All of the above accompanies the columns of Emilio San Miguel —Classical music—; Julio César Guzmán —Television— and Mario Alcalá —cinema—.

Like little, The August edition comes with the most recent issue of the ‘Credencial Historia’ series on Social Movements in Colombia, entitled For the expansion of citizenship.

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