Ethereum breaks through $ 4,000 | It won’t stop until …


Absolutely unbelievable. There second cryptocurrency by marketcap and first for volumes of use, Ethereum, passed i $ 4,000 in value, having reached a figure lower than during the last market crash 60%.

A definitely ready rebirth for the cryptocurrency it animates decentralized finance And NFT – and which would seem to draw strength from bull run competition rather than being scared of it.

Ethereum above $ 4,000 - the analysis by Cryptocurrency
Ethereum above $ 4,000 – but it won’t stop there

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The long wave of Ethereum overwhelms the market: exceeded $ 4,000

A long wave that has two very clear leaders, namely i NFT, which despite being branded as fleeting fashion by several analysts already a few months ago, the volumes and quantity of money moved continue to increase; in addition of course to the resurgence of the decentralized finance, a renaissance that is also making us recover dominance as compared to Bitcoin to the entire ecosystem.

Two strands of which even the institutional investors, who have long been looking to Ethereum as an alternative, in terms of investment assets, to Bitcoin. A perfect storm, for which another spark would be enough to reach the target price which are indicated by the most optimistic analysts.

A bubble? By now those who say it are completely out of phase

It might make sense to suspect there was one bubble behind the great race of the first part of 2021, when few were actually able to correctly read what was happening in the world of cryptocurrencies. It makes a lot less sense to do so now than cryptocurrencies they recovered from the worst crash in their history and they are heading back towards those maximum that few had considered possible to be overcome by 2021.

An idyllic market situation, on which the next one is also grafted Ethereum revolution, with the transition to the version 2.0, which will put the system aside once and for all PoW block validation, to move to the more efficient (but for some less secure) system in proof of stake. A PoS system that has already done put in staking to many investors their own ETH, which have therefore started to run out.

Let’s get technical analysis to help us out for next week

For next week the strongest hold we have are the tools of technical analysis. Tools that we will calibrate on week to try to have a broader scope for those who want to enter the market now. We will start as always from moving averages.

MOBILE MEDIA 10 20 50 100 200
7-day moving averages on Ethereum

The moving averages are excellent, signaling a very important and clear rise, at least in terms of the expected trend. Let’s cross them now with the tools provided by the most common indicators.

Indicators on 7-day ETH

A situation that, as many have already suspected before seeing the table, is equally idyllic. Therefore we are faced with a expected trend extremely positive.

It is not too late to invest in ETH: here’s why

They are very many to indicate $ 10,000 as a possible threshold for Ethereum, over a longer period of time. An in-depth study of this type is present within ours Ethereum forecasts.

The future of Ethereum, given everything that’s cooking, it could be even more interesting than it already is today. And we are among those who are convinced of this interpretation.

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