Ethereum changes, its protocol updated that makes miners turn up their noses


Ethereum fees have become more predictable – that’s why some changes are needed.

Ethereum is introducing some fundamental innovations (by Adobestock)

There has been a lot of talk lately about Bitcoin and others cryptocurrencies digital, more or less all usable and each with its own characteristics peculiarities different from each other. Between these, Ethereum she seems to be the main suspect to prepare a series of small adjustments for the immediate future, as her commissions are becoming more and more predictable.

So now some decisive ones have become necessary updates, aimed at making them safer and more stable transactions same orders from the payment platform. Downside and “aggrieved party“Are currently the so-called miners, that if the countermeasures adopted are really introduced they could pay the greatest consequences.

Going more specifically, Ethereum introduced in the protocol a fundamental update called “London”, which stands radically changing the situation. Thanks to London in fact the validation of costs of transaction will receive a certain “stabilization” that could revive the fortunes of the business, given that at the moment the rates they are constantly soaring with a consequent decline in investor interest.

The update introduced by Ethereum represents a radical change: this is how investors will behave

Cryptocurrencies need some updates (by Adobestock)

With “London” Ethereum has introduced a fundamental novelty, which is about to upset some of its own characteristics fundamental. The update in jargon is defined as “Hard Fork“, A dark bifurcation that opens inside the cryptocurrency a parallel universe. There are two possible ways to follow, both to be evaluated as chance or raising the threshold of risk.


It happens when a blockchain splits into two forward paths that generate a fundamental change in the protocol: to stay connected to the net now users of Ethereum they will be forced to download a new, more valid and updated software.

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Not all investors of Ethereum however at the moment they agreed to do so, first of all because in the current state of affairs Ethereum, compared for example to Bitcoin, generates a flow per second that is three times higher, but also because unlike other major digital currencies it does not only strive to transactions in cash but also to archive i Non-fungible Tokens, that is the tokens cryptographic not interchangeable.

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Hence the number of interactions on Ethereum remains at the very high moment, difficult for anyone to tweak things at a time where everything seems to be going well for miners who might see a quick in this way, the decline of their legitimate ambitions. In any case, one will apply from now on rate base mandatory to which you can add one commission so-called “priority”, calculating it on the basis of an algorithm: we’ll see what happens.


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