Ethereum will replace Bitcoin and become the main crypto-network, predicts the Polygon co-founder


Sooner or later, Ether will surpass Bitcoin and become the global standard“said Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, during an interview with Cointelegraph.

Nailwal believes that eventually Ethereum will become “the final payment layer for the DeFi sector. In his opinion, Polygon will play an important role in ensuring Ethereum’s long-term success, as it allows to greatly increase the scalability of the network. Despite growing competition from other Layer-1 protocols, such as Solana, Nailwal said it’s still too early to really talk about “Ethereum killer:”

“The Ethereum blockchain, given its fundamentals, security, level of decentralization, community and the trust it has managed to gain over time, is simply out of reach for any other chain.”

According to Nailwal, sooner or later Ethereum will prove superior even to Bitcoin, as it has more use cases. If Bitcoin doesn’t expand its usefulness beyond just a monetary system function, Polygon’s co-founder said, it may not survive long as a Layer-1 network:

“It might take ten years, but I don’t see a world where there will be more than one Layer-1 protocol.”

Opinion also shared by the developer Gavin Andresen, who predicted that in the very distant future the Bitcoin network will simply die due to its inefficiency. Nonetheless, BTCs will continue to exist – and steadily grow in value due to their scarcity – on other blockchains.

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