Eugenio Derbez and the reason why Will Smith resigned from The Academy

“I am very pleased to return to my country, I am very pleased with your affection, in my head it works the other way around many people who say ‘I am already at another level’, on the contrary, coming with you, with the people who saw me grow, with the fans who made me for me is a pleasure, it’s like getting to tell them ‘Look, this beautiful thing happened to me, I want to share it with you and thank you for all this road we’ve traveled together’… that’s how I see it me and I’m still the same person, I still see myself in the mirror the same way I saw myself three months ago or six years ago, “he said.

When questioned about the incident that Will Smith starred in the recent Oscars, the Mexican assured that Will Smith He had no choice but to resign from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences after punching Chris Rock.

Eugenio Derbez at the Oscars
Eugenio Derbez

“I think they told him ‘Look, they’re going to fire you, it’s better that you resign, before they fire you’ and very intelligently he resigned before they fired him because it would have been worse if they fired him, but yes, there has to be some punishment for what he did, really. I disapprove, because a joke is a joke, really, and it was a colleague who was working, that perhaps the joke could have been a little badly sent, but worse things have been said, “he concluded.

94th Annual Academy Awards - Show
Despite everything, Chris Rock minimized the situation.

On how Will Smith’s aggression against Chris Rock was experienced at the Dolby Theater, Derbez told Televisa days before:

“It was very strong. We were inside when it happened, we all burst out laughing because we thought it was a joke, but there came a time when we started to hear the rudeness and said: ‘This can’t be a joke, this is serious’. Then there was a tremendous silence and there was a lot of tension, ”she declared.

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