Eugenio Derbez denied Emilio Azcárraga about the rights of La Familia P. Luche: “Somebody explain to you”

Photos: Gettyimages Darkroom
Photos: Gettyimages Darkroom

Eugenio Derbez responded to the remarks Emilio Azcarraga did against him after he revealed having been banned from Televisa for your opinion on the mayan train. The comedian claimed your version of events is truebut he reaffirmed his affection for the director of the company and hoped that he would be updated on the blockades and rights of the television station.

After this Friday Emilio Azcárraga denied that Eugenio Derbez had been banned from the company he directed, the actor did not remain silent and in the same burlesque way with which the manager pointed him out for allegedly having lied and getting upset because they do not want to give him The rights of The P. Luche Familyhe detailed how he would have been blocked from Televisa Mexico for his statements against the Mayan train.

“Neta @eazcarraga before saying that I am not banned, better you ‘ask’ me, cannon. Besides you have my number, why answer me publicly? ‘You already exhibited us!!!!’ Why are you not a normal manager? ”, Derbez began through his Twitter account.

(Capture: Twitter)
(Capture: Twitter)

According to the protagonist of No refundsIt was just after the interview that Paola Rojas did to him on her newscast, where he went against the mega-work of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who banned him from the San Ángel television station, contrary to what Azcárraga Jean argued hours before.

“Look, how would he say Slice Mucus: ‘I’m going to tell you the true and horrible story of the interview with Paola Rojas… it was horrible, it was horrible!’ After that interview on March 30 about the Mayan Train, it was precisely when they vetoed me!

From this tweet, Eugenio began to show why he revealed that he was banned from Televisa.

(Capture: Twitter)
(Capture: Twitter)

“For what reason after March 30, I had two interviews canceled Y there is not a single note on Televisa where they talk about me, or the Oscar, or my new movie? What’s more, I’ve been giving interviews for my new movie for two days The Valetwhich opens in Star+ from today, do not miss it! And we summoned all the press, including Televisa, but no program from your company wanted to come”, the comedian wrote.

The actor even stated that Emilio Azcárraga would not be updated about what happens to the rights of The P. Luche FamilyWell, he is the owner of the program as such since he invented it, but Televisa only has the name.

“Oh, and the rights of the Teddy Family tell them not to be like that ‘someone explain to you’ also that point. I know it’s going to sound ‘horrible, horrible’, but I am the owner of the characters and the concept, Televisa only by name. Sorry, friend!”

(Capture: Twitter)
(Capture: Twitter)

He ended his message by asking him to stop his accusations there, since will continue to work in the same company, Televisa Univisionat least for a few more years and it would be better to have the relationship in peace. He emphasized his love by the manager and wanted to see him soon to clarify their differences.

“But I have good news for you my dear Emilio! I just signed a contract with vix, we are already working in the same company and shooting for the same side, so ‘cut my guy off!’ ¡I love you a lotI hope to see you soon and talk to you about how things are! Oh, and ‘I send you: everything, everything, everything, what I have left over,’” Derbez concluded.

The controversy began when on May 19 Eugenio revealed in an interview with Javier Poza that he was banned from Televisa, but is working with Televisa Univision. This would have caught the attention of the company directors, which is why the son of the Tiger Azcárraga used famous phrases of the actor to, in a burlesque way, ensure that Derbez was upset because the company did not want to give him the rights to The P. Luche Familybut it would not be blocked from the television station.


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