‘Euphoria’ already has its styling book

‘Euhphoria Fashion’ written with the collaboration of the stylist of the series, tells you all the behind the scenes about the outfits of Zendaya, Sydney Sweenie and company.

If you are one of those who has fallen not only in makeup, but also in outfits of the protagonists of the series, keep reading because this interests you.

The A24 company has published a book entitled ‘Euphoria Fashion’, in collaboration with costume designer Heidi Bivens. This book offers a detailed look at the processes behind the development of the iconic styles of the hit television series.

The book has an introduction written by Jeremy Scottthe designer of a Moschino dress for the character of Cassie Howard played by sydney sweeney in the second season. It also includes intimate conversations between Bivens and cast members, such as zendaya, Hunter Schafer and Alexa Demieas well as exclusive interviews with internationally renowned designers such as Coperni and Arianne Phillips.

In addition, ‘Euphoria Fashion’ offers behind-the-scenes details of the looks characteristics of each character and full breakdowns of the creative processes the designers used to create them. The book also features several original essays exploring topics such as “high campaign, normcore bondage, and the moods and memes drawn from Euphoria Twitter, by William Van Meter, Mitchell Kuga, José Criales-Unzueta, and Biz Sherbert.

Bivens’ work at Euphoria is enriched by her relationship with Arianne Phillips, whom she considers a “chosen mentor” and “an example of what was possible for her to achieve within the industry,” according to WWD. In short, Euphoria Fashion is a must for fashion fans and fans of the TV series.

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