Euphoria: Sydney Sweeney reveals what he expects for season 3 of the HBO drama

While fans are looking forward to Euphoria season 3, actress Sydney Sweeney is hoping Cassie gets to get more scenes with another favorite character from the show given her connections.

Although the series of HBO, Euphoria, primarily focuses on Rue (played by Zendaya), many of the other cast members will also be in the spotlight as they deal with their own life drama on the series. In the second season, Cassie (sydney sweeney) stood out especially among teens, displaying hilarious and chilling displays of emotion stemming from her growing obsession with her best friend’s ex-boyfriend, Nate (Jacob Elordy). Now, the actress has revealed her new interest in sharing scenes.

Euphoria: Sydney Sweeney wants to expand her interaction with other characters

During an appearance in a video for the British magazine GQ, was asked to sydney sweeney why his character didn’t have more scenes with Fezco from the actor Angus Cloudthe likeable and modest drug dealer who formed a loving bond with his sister Lexi (Maude Apatow) in the second season of Euphoria. The star expressed her hope to spend more screen time with Cloud.

“Like I said, I keep asking Sam [Levinson] to somehow bring Cassie and Fezco together. I hope that maybe next season we can do it.”

The desire of sydney sweeney to have more time with Angus Cloud in the third season it could come true, depending on the fate of Fezco after the end of the second installment of Euphoria. Although the character was arrested after the shooting that ended the life of his adoptive little brother Ash (Javon Walton), it is unknown if he will still be in jail at the time of the premiere of the new installment.

Assuming Fezco is released from prison and free to roam in season three, his interactions with Cassie could play out organically thanks to his growing relationship with his sister. Fez and Lexi share a sweet bond that could deepen and grow in trust if he decides to open up about the events that caused him to miss the game.

Euphoria: Sydney Sweeney looks to have more scenes with Angus Cloud

Lexi and Fez’s relationship may make Cassie start to bond more with her sister’s new boyfriend. Given Cassie’s mean nature, she may even try to seduce Fezco to get back at her sister for the game, which could create tension between Fez and Lexi in season three. Euphoria.

If Fez and Lexi’s relationship deteriorates in season three, Cassie could find herself in conflict with Fez and try to score points with her sister after seeing her in the game as Lexi sees her. Alternatively, if Cassie continues to fall for her, she may go to Fez for drugs or even weapons, believing that she needs to fend off Maddie (Alex Demi) after their violent fight.

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